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5 Baby essentials you need as a second time new Mum

5 Baby essentials you need as a second time new Mum

“It’ll be easy this time”.

“You’ve already done it before so you’ll know what to do with this baby”.

Have you heard those words in the run up to a new arrival?

The truth is, when your second baby arrives (or third, fourth…), it can be as much of shock as when you’re handed your first.

Sure, you’ll have nappy changes and your ‘shushing’ techniques down. When your next child behaves completely differently from your first though, it’s another steep learning curve.

Only this time, you already have your other human being to keep alive. You also have to entertain, cook, bathe, get them to bed* and so on.

*Delete as appropriate.

It’s fair to say, the dynamics will have changed quite a lot.

Things move on

It’s not only you and your family set up that has changed either.

In the matter of a few years, the baby landscape and recommended advice have also moved on.

We now no longer swaddle for safe sleeping apparently, breast pumps have got better, and the feeding bottle market has exploded.

It doesn’t help when your babies are completely different either.

A different kettle of fish

My little boy arrived 9 weeks ago, and he is the complete opposite of his big sister.

He wants to be held more, he doesn’t like sleeping in his Moses basket very much, and his feeding habits are nothing like hers.

So with the benefit of hindsight and more Mum friends to borrow from, these are my things that I couldn’t live without as a second time new Mum.

And remember, with a few exceptions, you might be able to borrow items from your other Mummy mates. If you can’t though, it’s worth shopping around and looking at voucher code sites to make sure you get the best deals.

Baby essentials for a second time Mum

1. A SnoozeShade.

When you have your first baby, you can afford to stay in bed all day if you feel like it. Once you have a second, you still have to continue with the routines of your first child. The new baby has to fit in and go along. The same is true for naps. The SnoozeShade will allow you to extend your baby’s naps by shielding them bright light when you can’t just head indoors for some quiet time.

sun shade

2. A silicone cup for breastmilk

I used to spend ages expressing milk between feeds for my daughter. Now that I have the two of them, I just don’t have the time. This silicone cup is the perfect thing to help you build up a bank of booby milk for the freezer though! It catches milk from your other breast as you feed, and depending on your flow could be enough to mean that you don’t have to express at all.

3. A Ewan the Sheep

Babies love white noise. It’s a fact, and there are plenty of white noise apps that you can download for phones or tablets. Those with a toddler already though, know how quickly batteries run down on devices when they play their games or want to hear their favourite songs on demand. I’m also terrible for actually keeping mine charged, so Ewan is a life saver. With four different sounds, Ewan the Sheep has in-built white noise and a comforting red glow to replicate Mama’s heart, comforting babies – especially shiny new ones.

4. A baby carrier or sling

Again, with your first baby, being glued to the sofa cuddling your delicious bundle is a total luxury. When you need to be up and about with your other child(ren) though, baby wearing is the solution to getting handsfree. I have a Baby Bjorn for being out and about, but like to use a Close Parent Caboo carrier indoors. My son is much more needy than my daughter was too, so he prefers to be closer to me than being shushed in a pram.


5. A travel mug

Hot drinks will again become a thing of the past, but caffeine will be very much a part of your daily survival kit. Making yourself a cup to go will keep you going on the school run, trip to the park or just as you go about your day with a million disruptions. Even better too if your pushchair has a holder big enough for your travel cup.

What would you add to this list?

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Voucher Today and may contain paid links.

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