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A blog to my 18 month old toddler

A blog to my 18 month old toddler

To my little lady bird, Lady P,

I am writing this to you as you nap in your cot, tired from not going to sleep yesterday (Daddy’s birthday), or at bed time last night, or in fact from not sleeping in a bit later this morning like most ‘normals’ (grown ups) do when they are sleepy. 

You’re now 18 months old (and 17 days), and you’ve gone from being a teeny weeny little doll, to a crawly, wriggly dribble monster, and now a walking, talking little superstar in your own right. A toddler.

Lady P loving the water fountain (until she got cold) #sunny #waterfountain #enfield #library #toddlerlife

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Every day, I watch you as you play, eat, talk and just be. I try desperately to fill every last crevice of my over-flowing brain with important memories that I never ever want to forget, but as I have to stop to work out even what day it is or whether I actually got the washing out of the machine, there is inevitably not room to store everything.

I fear that I have already forgotten so much in just a year and a half, so I continue to cram the cloud with photos and videos of you doing even the smallest of things, hoping that one day, we will both have a spare 289 days (and counting) to look at it together.

Right now, you love to look at photos and watch footage of the first year and a half – smiling and saying ‘baby nelope’ as you recognise yourself.

You’ll remember that I started this blog when I was just pregnant with you as a way to record what it felt like to grow you, birth you, and now raise you, and I hope to continue documenting our times together as we get older together (even when you decide you ‘hate’ me because I won’t let you stay out all night with that scruffy lad from the village). I am sure that the last one will almost certainly factor in your teenage years, which will be here before any of us know it.

You have an energy and charm that makes everyone smile. You are so funny and *biased mother alert* the most gorgeous girl in the world, only made better by the fact that you are a happy, content and sociable little dot too.

Daddy and Lady P off to music club #daddy #daughter #family #love #jackandjills #toddler

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So without further a do, and in true X-Factor style (I doubt that will make any sense to you in a decade or so), here are your ‘best bits’ since turning one:

  • You hated fireworks
  • You loved Christmas (and removing all of the tree decorations within arms reach)
  • Eating is brilliant – especially olives, blueberries, pizza, egg and ice cream, with a ‘bork’ and ‘boon’
  • Peppa Pig, In the Night Garden and Teletubbies must be watched on repeat, with ‘oh-ohhhh’ at random intervals
  • The park, anywhere with animals and soft plays are totes amazeballs
  • You like to get ill when Daddy is overseas
  • All ‘babies’ sleep on face downwards (teddies, dollies, Lulus)
  • Dancing and singing are undertaken even before breakfast is eaten
  • Hats can most definitely be worn with just a nappy and Converse shoes, but not when it is freezing cold outside
  • A day is not complete without saying ‘Puh-lel-uppy’ at least 24 times every hour
  • Your new favourite words are octopus “oh-pu-puss”, aeroplane “air-pu-plane”, and helicopter “eh-ee-opter”.
  • You can spot a Justin Bieber song 1 second into the intro
  • Water tables are THE MOST FUN ever
  • You have grown some hair, and don’t like to have it cut at the salon

But most importantly of all, you are just lovely.


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