The anomaly scan – 20 week scan

We’ve hit the halfway mark! It’s time for the twenty weeks scan.

This time, it’s the biggy. The anomaly scan.

This scan is a detailed ultrasound, usually carried out between eighteen and twenty one weeks pregnant, where the sonographer checks for major physical abnormalities in your baby, although it can’t pick up every problem.

During this scan, the baby is looked at from pretty much every angle to check its development (bones, spine, heart, brain, liver, face and so on), and if he or she is in the right position, can also detect their gender.

So it’s the scariest one so far, but also potentially the most insightful.

Chardonnay’s story*

As before, I drank my 2 pints of water, and actually went a bit overboard just in case, which made walking up to the hospital quite a challenge.

Luckily, the appointments were running on time, so although we were slightly early, I didn’t have a long wait.

The sonographer started the scan, found the leg, spine, bladder and liver, and took all of the necessary measurements until it got to the head and face, where Chardy was in the wrong position.

Noticing that I was in rather desperate need to go to the loo, the sonographer suggested I went to the toilet and had a bit of a jiggle around to try to encourage some movement.

After the relief of being able to empty my bladder and having a few minutes moving about, we went back in to try again…

Nope, still in the wrong position!

So after another go with no joy, we were asked to go for a walk and come back in ten minutes. After walking around the hospital grounds (and going for another wee), we went in for a third time…

STILL in the wrong position.

“Come on baby – this is getting embarrassing now!”

The sonographer asked me to bounce my bottom on the bed a bit and move from side to side, when finally Chardonnay moved long enough for her to get a view of the face and head.

All tests complete and appearing normal, we asked the sex of the baby.

Is it a boy or a girl?

Now, I initially thought girl straight after I found out I was pregnant, but with four nephews already in the family, I wasn’t expecting a girl and had by this time convinced myself it was going to be a little boy. My husband, Alex on the other hand, was sure throughout that it was a girl…

After a few looks to make sure, the sonographer told us she couldn’t see any ‘boy bits’ and confirmed that she thought our already stubborn baby was a little girl!

Wow! A little girl! I wasn’t expecting that!

And after the initial shock had warn off, I began to think back to me growing up…

She is bound to have my stubborn streak. She is going to get periods. She is going to get heartbroken over some spotty oiks at school. She was going to have boyfriends we don’t like. She will want to have sex… Oh boy!

At this point, Alex came up with the solution. He would buy a shot gun and rocking chair just in case…

20 week scan

‘Chardonnay’ at twenty weeks


*As always, ‘Chardonnay’ is our pre-birth name for the bump and not going to be the real name we choose!

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