Is it a bump or is it a baby?

There comes a point during your pregnancy when your growing baby bump becomes hard to miss.

But is it a bump, or is it a baby?

Has your brain made the connection between the miracle that is currently growing in your tummy and the fact that it will become the biggest responsibility you’ll ever have in just a matter of months?

And has your husband/boyfriend/partner? <– delete as appropriate

For me, I’m just about getting there. I’ve now become so used to thinking about the pregnancy, the bump, and all of the changes my body is going through, that it suddenly dawned on me that I’m not always thinking about what happens when the bump becomes a real baby.

I mean, of course I am thinking about it. It’s just that I am subconsciously focusing more on doing what I need to now, protecting my bump and preparing for match day right now.

The baby, the actual person, my ‘daughter’ still seems a bit hard to believe (and also a reality which is a long way off).

So it’s hardly surprising that whilst he can’t see that much of the bump, or feel much yet, it sometimes slips my husband’s mind too.

Take for example, a conversation we had about getting home from a ball in central London.  I suggested I drove instead of getting a taxi to which he said, “You don’t want to drive – you won’t be able to drink…?” *cogs begin to turn* “Oh yeah…”.

I wasn’t hurt and I know it’s not because he doesn’t think about it. It’s just harder for the person not carrying the child to understand what it feels like to live with those twinges, aches or bloatness that act as a 24/7 reminder of the life inside you.

I talk to her. I imagine what we might do together. I’ve even given her a fake name (Chardonnay), and I take her everywhere with me.

Yet I have no idea even what she looks like, or colour hair she might have.

I am in the transition phase of thinking beyond the bump, as I am sure many expecting Mums-to-be are, so ladies, don’t be too hard on the other half when they don’t automatically link that fart that you just did with the fact that you are carrying their future child.

Happy bumping 🙂

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