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Baby news: to share socially or not?

Baby news: to share socially or not?

When you become pregnant there seem to be some rules that you have to follow.

Or rather that other people think you should.

According to my Instagram feed, you are supposed to make a big public announcement at 12 weeks, share bump pics each week, plan a gender reveal event, throw a baby shower and share with the world and his dog your weekly updates.

Or, news just in… you could just do it your own way.

Baby news in the media

There seems to be a few takes on sharing baby news when you are a celebrity.

Go for it as soon as you are public and milk it for everything going; most reality TV stars.

Feel obliged to share news to avoid speculation and being hounded by the press; Kate Middleton.

Take a cautious approach and say nothing until it becomes blatantly obvious; Zara Phillips and Cheryl.

There’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ approach.

Pregnancy news

When I was pregnant with my girl, I started this blog.

I began it as my way of documenting what I was going through for her to read one day, but nobody I knew ‘in real life’ would be reading it.

It was purposely anonymous and I didn’t share it with anyone I knew. I just didn’t want to forget those important events rather that to draw attention to them.

My social media feed was not just about my bump. I only really shared anything bump-related occasionally. It might have been captured in someone else’s pictures, a few holiday snaps, or when I really got fed up whilst overdue.

This time around, I’ve stuck my fingers up at ‘the rules’ again and taken pretty much the same approach.

I’ve decided not to write much about it, and also any pics I share have been more about a situation rather than the bump and its progress.

In fact, when people have actually found out I am expecting, they’ve been quite shocked that I’m as far along as I am without them knowing. I’m sure there will be a lot of people who have no idea and will only find out once he’s arrived.

But that’s my call

It’s my decision as to how, when and where I share my pregnancy news.

I’ve had a really tough time getting this far again to be honest. The last few years have seen a lot of heartache through loss, and I’ve not wanted to take anything for granted.

So quite simply, our baby news has been kept a little under wraps apart from those close to us or friends I hang out with regularly.

So what do I think of other people publicly updating the world on each event in their own pregnancies?

I get it.

They are excited. Over the moon, in fact. And quite rightly.

Their pregnancies are the most important things in their lives that they want to tell the world.

But it’s 100% a personal decision.

You shouldn’t feel as though you have to make your bump the sole star of your social media accounts just because others do.

It doesn’t make you any less happy about it.

You don’t have to share images of your changing body and put them up for public feedback.

You can, if you like, be just as delighted, and only tell people when you see them or who you choose.

It’s your body, your pregnancy, and you can do it your way.

What did you do?

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Noleen Miller

I think it’s a personal decision. My husband and I waited until we were well into our second trimester before we shared with friends, obviously we told our parents and my sister after 6 weeks. We didn’t put it on social media. Each to their own and what works for them.#StayClassyMama

Helen aka welshmumwriting

Most people didn’t know I was pregnant until I was around 5 months and really started to show. I didn’t share it on social media at all, because that’s just not me. I did tell some people very early though, around 4 weeks but that’s because they knew we were having IVF. I also had a miscarriage previously so wanted people to know in case anything happened and to be a bit more mindful of my needs. I know lots of people who shared scan photos but I didn’t do that either #thursdayteam

Kate The Muddled Mum

Pregnancy after loss is so hard (although I haven’t made it far in each subsequent pregnancy). It’s made me far more aware of how sharing pregnancy news can affect so many others. I think if I am ever lucky enough to carry a pregnancy again I will have to think long and hard about what I share in terms of an announceent. #TeamThursday

Pat - White Camellias

It’s definitely a personal decision. We never shared before our 12 week scan just in case things had a turn for the worse. thank you for sharing with #StayCLassymama

YES! Exactly this! I never shared either of my pregnancies on social media. Not because I was ashamed or unhappy but because it was something that was for me. I like that people feel they can share their journey but I do hope more people, like yourself, feel it is ok to not share it. It enjoy it in your own way and not a public way. You wouldn’t want a total stranger touching your bump and most people would respect that but why they feel it is their business to be informed on social media is beyond me. Hubby… Read more »