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Be real about your body image from today

Be real about your body image from today

“I look too fat in that”.

“Oh, that makes me look thin… I’ll take it”.

Sound familiar? 

These are phrases I think in my head on a daily basis. They are phrases I hear other people say, also on a daily basis.

But why do we put ourselves under so much pressure to be thin, or in society’s eyes ‘look good’?

It’s no secret that I recently lost a baby. It’s also no secret that I had an eating disorder when I was in my early 20s. So it’s fair to say that post baby, post miscarriage and post the associated fitness I have lost along with it all, I’m feeling a bit out of condition at the moment.

But with all of that going on, thanks to my old friend anorexia nervosa, I have an awareness of how far it can go before it becomes a problem.

I know how young these kind of thoughts and phrases can impact how we feel about our body image.

I grew up in a very happy house. My family were and still are amazing. We had a great time and I love my parents and brother dearly. At home, Dad was a PE teacher, rugby player, aerobics lover and generally enjoyed health and fitness. Mum did what she could to keep fit whilst working and caring for her family usually trying a new diet most weeks. My brother was always ‘the sporty one’ excelling at whatever he tried (annoying).

There was always a focus on fitness, staying fit, what we ate and how we looked.

Now, I’m not blaming my family for my eating issues – it’s a whole bunch of other reasons that I’ve managed to decode over the years. In fact, I am glad my family were healthy as it brought a lot of positive to the table. I am just saying that even as a young child, I was aware of the desire to stay fit and look good.

As an adult, along with all of the other messages that I am exposed to today – both good and bad – it’s just a voice inside my head. I need to stay fit and eat well and try not to look ‘fat’. Luckily these days, I am in control of it, but it’s still there.

So as part of the Be Real campaign for body image, I want to highlight how we need to behave around our little ones to give them the best chance at not ending up like us body conscious 30 somethings.

Our kids are going to have it so much worse than us.

All we had was those crap Just 17 and Sugar magazines, and they weren’t really showing off a lot of flesh. Kids these days are exposed to body image on every social media platform they consume, and let’s face it, that’s a lot of content a lot of the time.

They will always be judging themselves based on how others are being judged.

A global study commissioned by Dove revealed that six out of 10 girls opt out of important activities because they’re worried about the way they look. Studies in Finland, China and the U.S. show that girls’ relationship with the way they look has an impact on their academic performance: girls who think they are overweight, irrespective of their actual weight, have lower grades. And the negative impact of low body confidence continues later on in life, with 17 per cent of women claiming they won’t go to a job interview and 8 per cent missing work on days when they feel bad about the way they look.

So as my part of the Dove #PledgeToBeReal campaign, I pledge to:

  • Talk about health and fitness in a positive way around Lady P – no more, “oh I need to go for a run today because I’ve eaten so much”, instead “yeah, I’m going for a run today because it makes me feel better and I enjoy it”
  • Teach her to treat food with the 80:20 rule – allow her sweet treats as part of a balanced diet and not highlight them as ‘naughties’
  • Teach her that she is beautiful however she looks and changes – I know most parents tell their kids this anyway, but I really want her to believe that others are also beautiful however they look

I’ll start by posting the following picture of myself that I hate, but hey, that’s kind of the point, right?


If you’ve enjoyed reading this and too believe it’s a super important issues, show support for this campaign by using the hashtag #PledgeToBeReal on social media.


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This is such an important message. I hadn’t really thought about this in relation to my own daughter yet but it’s a good point. Thank you for sharing. #stayclassymama


Great idea – I am 90% happy with my body, 90% of the time. but its hard and something you have to work on #stayclassymama

Jemma Anglesea

You are an incredibly brave lady who has been through so much. I have lost a baby and know how devastating it is on yourself esteem and having had two boys, i know how motherhood can take it’s toll too. Well done for talking so frankly about it. Stay well. Be kind to yourself. You are amazing xxx #stayclassymama

Mackenzie Glanville

such a powerful post, I think you are amazing and very real to be opening up about how you feel. You are an inspiration to your child and to women out in the world just for being so open. It is not easy to talk about loosing a baby, or about an eating disorder but you did just that and it encourages us to be able to open up too, thank you xx #TheListLinky


This post makes me so happy <3 I love putting a positive spin on things, like exercising because it gives me more energy/makes me sleep better, instead of saying "Well I have to exercise because I feel gross". And this mindset is going to go a long way for your daughter, I believe 🙂

Love love love this post!


I have never had an eating disorder but I have a very unhealthy relationship with food, my mum since I can remember was always on a fad diet, right now it’s juicing and always elimating meat or sugar or wheat. This on top of not being the best chef (often serving up burnt food or liquidised left overs as soup) it is no wonder. At one point I would only eat lasagne when at a restaurant and had never tried sushi or faggots until six years ago. I made a decision when Ben was in my tummy that I would… Read more »

These are definitely values I want to instill into my daughter. She’s dinky and only 19 months but I really don’t want her to have any self confidence issues as she gets older tho I think it’s inevitable #picknmix


I love the idea of not calling sweeties ‘naughty’ but as a treat and talking about fitness in a much more positive way! #MarvMondays

Jo from Organised Jo

Thank you for writing such an honest post. I totally agree with you about the way we talk about our children. We talk a lot about balance, yes you can have treats but you need to balance it with the healthy food. We also like to get out and about as a family for long walks or bike rides. Good luck with your pledges #MarvMondays


Really honest heart-felt post. Thank you. #marvmondays

mandy charlton

I have terrible issues with my own self-image but I’ve worked super hard to make sure my girls always know they’re amazing, of course we as their Mama’s are only partly responsible and the media has way too much to do with the way they feel but hopefully because of this and other campaigns the tide is eventually starting to turn.

Kirsty - Winnettes

I have heard of this campaign and think it is so important. Body image is an issue for everyone at some point, finding a way to be comfortable with your natural shape as part of a healthy diet is vital. I hope I can show this to my daughters in years to come.

Something About Baby

This is an excellent post and a great campaign to get behind. Since having a baby, I definitely feel different about my body – I love it more!! It is certainly not as toned or smooth as it used to be, but I respect what an amazing job it did of carrying and birthing my baby, that I can’t not love it. I agree with the positive language about health and fitness and not banning “naughty” foods – it’s all about balance. #MarvMondays

The Tale of Mummyhood

What a great campaign. I too have had to learn to have a positive relationship with exercise over the years. It’s so brave of you to write about your experience.



It’s so hard to be a positive role model for our daughters when we have been fed with so much self-criticism. But it’s the only way to break the cycle. #marvmondays

Cherry - The Newby Tribe

What a brilliant idea and such an important message. I’m so aware of the messages I am sending to my daughter and this is such a great one! I’m absolutely on board! #marvmondays

Katie Davis

Such an important message and one I will work on for sure. great post!
Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime


What a fantastic post, and really important message. I am so horrible about my body, which is bad, but I do make sure I don’t talk about it around my little ones. It’s so true that all we had to worry about magazines! Now body image and unrealistic expectations are shoved at you from all over the place!

The Mum Project

What a great pledge, I agree it’s so important for our children to know that others are beautiful however they look. I’m so sorry about your miscarriage I had no idea, my sister went through this so I know how tough this can be, but you seem like a strong woman and an amazing mum I love how positive this post is. I also had no idea how low body image can affect academics, thinking about it now it does make sense. Thank you so much for sharing with #StayClassyMama!

Alana - Burnished Chaos

Such a great post. It does worry me the kind of world our kids are going to grow up in with social media and the cruel judgements lodged at everyone all the time for how they look.

mummy and monkeys

This is such a great campaign, I too used to have issues with food and now when I get stressed it’s the first thing I stop doing, eating. I struggle with my body image and having a daughter makes me all the more aware of being a positive role model for her. Thanks for linking to #PickNMix


Visiting again from #MarvMondays


I remember those magazines. Reading your post makes me wonder what life will be like in the future when my girls are teenagers. #TuesdayTreasures

A Cornish Mum

I love this and it really is so important to teach our children not to judge by appearances and to accept or hopefully even really like the way that they look and are as a person.

Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

Stevie x

My Petit Canard

Its so important to tech our little ones postive body image from when they are young. This is something I have been really conscious of since I became a mum, especially having a little girl. I think they are going to have it so much harder than we did so I think this is such an important message that you’ve raised and such an honest and brave post that you’ve shared. Thanks for linking it up to #MarvMondays. Emily

Annette, 3 Little Buttons

This is such a great campaign with a strong message behind it. I completely agree that teaching our little ones now (while they are little) is very important for their future. Thank you for sharing with the #dreamteam


A fab post, I try my hardest to keep E to a 20:80 diet but then she barely eats anything its a nightmare. As for my body, I hate it! Thanks for joining in with #TuesdayTreasures!


[…] In my opinion, yes, it’s totally fine. It’s a one off and we take a balanced attitude to food. […]