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Birthday party planning for a 3 year old: Princess party theme

Birthday party planning for a 3 year old: Princess party theme

My baby turned 3 years old

It’s a well known saying that “time flies when you’re having fun”.

This week, as my teeny weeny little baby turned 3 years old, I’d have to say that I agree.

For the last year of growth spurts, smiles and boundary pushing, Lady P has been in a serious princess phase.

So what other theme would she pick for her third birthday party?

We’re having a Princess birthday party!

Time to get party planning.

I asked about her friends who don’t like princesses… what could they be?

We agreed that superheroes was a good alternative choice.

princess and superheros


This year, we’ve been renovating and extending our house, so we decided to hold the party elsewhere.

The beauty of this was we could invite bigger numbers of guests and wouldn’t have crisps and cake walked into our new carpets. It also means that the clean up would be minimal.

We picked our local village hall that has a kitchen, toilets, baby changing facilities, and parking all for the bargain of £15 per hour.

Check out your local council website because there are some great community centres to hire that wont break the bank.


I’m a big fan of not over complicating kids parties. Allergies and food intolerances aside, I like to keep the food options simple when party planning.

And there something novelty about children’s party food that even us bigger ones can’t resist too!

Here are suggested options for a party buffet that won’t take forever to prepare:

  • Sandwiches – a mixture of meat and veggie on white and brown bread. I like to do ham, cheese and of course the obligatory jam filling!
  • Crisps – go for lower salt/fat but popular varieties like Pom bears or Quavers.
  • Fruit – I always over cater here and end up putting most of it in the bin. Unsurprisingly when there’s biscuit and cake on offer, a fruit salad never gets the warm reception it might at home. So just go for grapes (cut lengthways) and perhaps satsumas too.
  • Savoury – cheese chunks or Babybel, cucumber and carrot sticks, and mini sausages always go down a storm.
  • Sweet treats – Party Rings, pink wafer biscuits and a few extra cakes.
  • Drinks – No added sugar squash and water, or if you’re feeling adventurous, go for a kids party punch.

Don’t forget drinks for the grown ups too! Unless there are loads of adults coming who don’t have children, a scone or piece of ‘grown up cake’ is always a welcome addition (and will save them picking at the kids food).

I couldn’t be bothered with too much washing up, so I just ordered paper cups with lids from Amazon that could be thrown away at the end.


Keep it simple, stupid (KISS):

  • Balloons – children love them. They look great all bright and colourful, and the little ones love chasing them around and stamping on them. We also like to do a few helium filled foil ones too. I’ve found it more cost effective to buy a helium canister and inflate them ourselves.
  • Bunting – I was kindly offered the opportunity to create some personalised bunting by Bags of Love. I thought that the party would be a great opportunity to use it, given we had to decorate a fairly blank village hall. Their personalised photo bunting starts from £34 and looked amazing! I had a lot of comments about what a good idea they were and how we could reuse them at home, so thank you Bags of Love (info at the end).

personalised bunting

personalised bunting


I’d tried to get a local kids entertainer to attend but as it was the beginning of half term, a lot of places were already committed or just didn’t get back to me. I asked around 6 weeks ahead so my advice would be that if your date clashes with a holiday or other event, book them as soon as you have chosen your date.

Instead we had a face painter who went down a storm with most of the kids and was a lot more reasonable than an entertainer.

face painter
I also put on a craft station with some bits and bobs to offer the kids the opportunity to decorate a star wand or superhero. The superhero cutouts were £1 from The Range, I cut the stars myself, and then added some pens and stickers. It was a massive hit with all of the kids aged 2-12!

Party games – a party isn’t a party without pass the parcel and musical statues!

pass the parcel


I’ve made a bit of a rod for my own back over the years, opting to make my own. So this year, I took inspiration from Pinterest and kind of made it up.

princess castle birthday cake
My back up was always a shop bought personalised birthday cake from M&S.


We are massive fans of Spotify and Lady P actually already has a playlist of her favourite songs that we listen to in the car. So all we really needed to do was add a few more recent ones and set it to play the radio for the duration of the party.

Party bags

This is actually the part I find most stressful in party planning!

Again, I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to review a product from Party Bags and Supplies, who provide readymade packs of everything you need.

Lady P picked the My Little Pony party range, so we received 8 cups, plates, napkins, a table cloth and also pre-filled party bags.









kids party food

These were brilliant, and arrived super quickly – ready for me to stash away in the party box for closer to the time (info at the end).

The only problem that I had was that we’d invited a mix of genders and more than 8 guests, so I needed more. I simply added to them with some extras from eBay, Amazon and B&M stores.

And finally…

All that was left after a successful day of partying and opening all of her amazing presents, was to kick back with a few relatives and enjoy a celebratory glass if something fizzy.

At a glance

The following products were provided free of charge for review but not in return for positive endorsement. The opinions expressed are my own.

Personalised bunting from Bags of Love:

  • Price: from £34.00 for 3o images
  • Materials: Images printed on fabric
  • Quality: high
  • Gender: unisex
  • Available to order at Bags of Love

Partyware from Party Bags and Supplies:

  • Price: from £1.01 for filled party bags
  • Materials: Various
  • Quality: high
  • Gender: unisex
  • Available to order at Party Bags and Supplies

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Pat - White Camellias

Aww! Happy birthday to Penelope. You did a great job. Love the photos and the cake looks ace. Thank you for sharing with #StayClassyMama