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A blast from the past: Sylvanian Families review

A blast from the past: Sylvanian Families review

When I was a little girl, I loved playing with my dolls house.

We’d go on little adventures, and when friends came over, would role play with the animals who lived there.

It’s funny, but I never questioned why my house was inhabited by animals rather than people.

I am of course talking about my Sylvanian Families figures.

Total cuteness for over 30 years

Even typing that title makes me feel so old.

I am older than the Sylvanian Families brand, but more so, my daughter is now playing with my figures as though they are her own.

In fact, I think you can still buy the same bear and bunny families that I had back in the 80s.

I’m officially vintage.

The good thing about these toys though, is that they are timeless. The ethos of the brand is still relevant.

It’s based on three concepts; nature, family and love.

On the whole, a child can decide on their own family set ups or the activities that they do without being forced down a gender specific route.

Using their imagination, children can explore and share with one another, helping them to acquire key social skills through play.

So when I was offered the chance to review the Cosy Cottage Starter Home, my inner child jumped for joy!

Cosy Cottage Starter Home

My daughter, who just turned three years old, actually squealed when she saw the box.

In fact, she recited TV advert word for word!

We opened the box and immediately had to settle Freya the chocolate rabbit into her new home.

Cosy Cottage Starter Home

Whilst playing with arranging the toys for Lady P, I had a complete flashback to putting the furniture into my own doll’s lounge.

It’s still the same good quality and detail.

In fact, it was the plate, fork and food that reminded me of the detail that makes Sylvanian Families different from other play sets.

toy kitchen

The Cosy Cottage is a good starter set, coming with Freya the Chocolate Rabbit. Upstairs there’s a bed, complete with bedding and a ladder to access the room. Downstairs, Freya’s house is furnished with a table, bench and 2 chairs, kitchen table, 1 dish, an omelette, a fork, and a frying pan.

Although fiddly (for both a three year and 35 year old!), it takes patience and precision to set up home. Unlike some toys, this is a skill and game that can grow with a child.

What else does it offer?

What I wasn’t expecting to receive in the box was the all of the bumpf that came with the play set.

The extra bits of paper included a little paper story book and a catalogue. Who knew there were so many accessories, play sets, pieces of furniture and families on offer?

Well, I guess they have been going since 1985.

There was also detail about how to become part of the official fan club for £9.99 per year. I was a member of the club so I think I will sign Lady P up next year if she remains interested in the toys.

What’s the verdict?

I am so pleased that Sylvanian Families have come into our lives again, and that my daughter has taken such an interest. Possibly partly for my own nostalgia!

These families and play sets are ideal for children to collect over the years, and make easy ideas for present suggestions for birthdays and Christmases.

For now though, I will mostly be up my parents’ attic looking for the rest of my own Sylnavnian Family toys to move in with Freya!

At a glance:

  • Price: Cosy Cottage Starter Home around £19.99
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Quality: high
  • Gender: unisex
  • Available from Smyths Toys or Argos.
  • Recommendation: high


Please note, we were sent the product free of charge but not in exchange for a positive endorsement. The opinions in this blog are based on my own experiences and in no way linked to those of the product.

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