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Blogger interview: Adam from Ask Yer Father

Blogger interview: Adam from Ask Yer Father

What makes a blogger a blogger?

Continuing my series of blogger interviews, here’s Adam from Ask Yer Father.

Blogger interview

1. Tell me about yourself and your blog?
My name is Adam, I’m 39, a husband and father to three boys (7, 10 and 3).

2. How long have you been blogging for?
I’ve tinkered around with blogging since the 90’s. I used to have a Live Journal blog in the early 2000’s but never really blogged seriously until the end of last year.

3. What led you to start your blog?
I’d been a full time bookseller for 10 years while my wife raised our family and I always felt a little left out. Last year, my wife qualified as a TA and got her first full time job and so the time was right for us to do some role reversal, with my wife now working and me staying at home to look after our toddler, dog and home. I’ve always been interested in parenting issues (being a parent and never being shy with an opinion) and get quite annoyed by the lazy stereotypes of fathers in the media and by some mothers online. So last December I dusted off my old Twitter account, bought my own domain and Ask Yer Father was born.

4. What is your motivation to keep going?
I enjoy it, it’s still fresh to me and I do it at my own pace so I don’t really worry about stats (yet).

5. How much time do you spend blogging?
I try to do at least one hour a day (but I’m always mentally thinking about blog posts).

6. What works best for you to drive more traffic to your blog?
It’s still early days so my stats are rubbish. Right now I’m trying to join in with linkies, reach out to other bloggers (thanks) and write good blog posts. I’m trying not to get obsessed with traffic until I’ve got all the structures in order. You can’t expect 1000 followers overnight. I’ve seen other bloggers do this quickly but their websites have become a mass of blogsite links and linky parties, at the expense of content.

7. What is your favourite tool or plugin?
I use a lot of the free stuff right now, Tweepsmap, Twitter stats and WordPress.com’s own stats page are all very useful. Twuffer is also a really good free tool for scheduling tweets.

8. How do you promote your posts?
I’m pretty bad at this right now, I mostly retweet, use hashtags and join in with link parties. I’m just starting out so right now I’m concentrating on content and reaching out to people online.

9. What is your best tip for fitting blogging in around work or home commitments?
Don’t pressurise yourself. Stay true to your voice and what YOU want to write about. It’s not going to make you rich so you might as well enjoy it. Try to schedule time. Don’t be unrealistic about what time you have and how much you can achieve. I actually get most of my tweeting and blog ideas worked out on the bus.

10. What do you do in your spare time?
There’s not much spare time being a parent but I do like to garden, read and listen to music. I always make time each night to spend with my wife, mostly watching Netflix in bed, but it’s important.

11. What was the first CD you ever bought?
Bon Jovi – New Jersey.

12. What was the last thing you watched on TV?
The Wright Stuff.

13. What’s your most embarrassing memory?
Haha…all of them?

14. Who is your favourite celebrity?
I don’t really go in for celebrity culture but I do have a soft spot for Alyson Hannigan and Reese Witherspoon.

15. Cats or dogs?
Dogs. I have an English Springer Spaniel puppy called Ellie.

P.S. If anyone has any good tips for me, feel free to get in touch.


Thank you Adam for sharing a little bit about yourself. I love that you are blogging to do something for you amongst childcare responsibilities. I think that’s why most #pbloggers start out and we all wish you the best of luck with your goals!

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