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Blogger interview: Sarah from Digital Motherhood

Blogger interview: Sarah from Digital Motherhood

What makes a blogger a blogger?

Is it how they look (geeky specs, a penchant for exposed brick work or a hipster beard)?

Is it who they are (busy Mum/Dad, millennial, or serious fashionista)?

Or is it something to do with why they write (an activity that doesn’t involve being covered in snot or a different way to earn a living)?

blogger_interviewIn reality, bloggers can be anyone, from any background, writing about virtually anything.

There will be certain characteristics that we all share, but the beauty of blogging is the freedom and flexibility that it brings.

Quite literally, anything goes.

So to celebrate this and find about a bit more about fellow bloggers, I’m excited to announce my new series of blogger interviews.

I will be interviewing bloggers of all descriptions, sharing their insights and witticisms each week.

Kicking off with the first guest blogger, may I introduce to you Sarah from Digital Motherhood.

Blogger interview

Digital Motherhood
1. Tell me about yourself and your blog?
I’m Sarah a 30-something mum to one 5 year old little girl. We live in Poole in Dorset and I work on digital projects for a property company by day and social media freelancing by night. My blog is called Digital Motherhood and is centred around being a working mum.

2. How long have you been blogging for?
Almost 18 months, though I started very slowly and only really got going properly about 10 months ago.

3. What led you to start your blog?
Blogging was something that I’d wanted to do for years but had just never got around to. I felt like there were a lot of ‘mummy blogs’ for stay at home mums of babies, but not as much for working mums of slightly older kids. Working and having a family is hard so I hoped that blogging about it would help others to realise they weren’t the only ones going through all that stress.

4. What is your motivation to keep going?
I’ve learnt so much since I started blogging and I really enjoy it. So far I haven’t wanted to stop but I’m sure the point will come where I need a bit of a kick up the bum to keep going.

5. How much time do you spend blogging?
It’s hard to say as I just do a bit here and there when I have time. Probably an average of a couple of hours a day.

6. What works best for you to drive more traffic to your blog?
Most of my traffic comes from social media and joining in with link ups. I’m just exploring StumbleUpon and Pinterest which seems to be working quite well.

7. What is your favourite tool or plugin?
I’ve only just discovered the WordPress Calendar plugin – not sure how I managed without a scheduling calendar for so long!

8. How do you promote your posts?
Mainly via Twitter and Facebook. I also share them in blogger groups on Facebook.

9. What is your best tip for fitting blogging in around work or home commitments?
Make the most of every spare 5 minutes! I’m regularly writing drafts on my mobile while waiting in the car for my daughter to come out of school or her gymnastics class.

10. What do you do in your spare time?
Spare time, what’s that?! Between my day job, school run, looking after my daughter, freelance work and blogging there isn’t much left, but any time I do have is either spent with my family or binge watching boxsets!

11. What was the first CD you ever bought?
Take That’s Pray (I bought a lot of cassettes before that!)

12. What was the last thing you watched on TV?
Have been completely addicted to Blindspot recently.

13. What’s your most embarrassing memory?
Probably falling over in the street whilst completely sober.

14. Who is your favourite celebrity?
My all time idol since I was little has been Kylie Minogue! Also have a bit of a thing for David Beckham for obvious reasons.


15. Cats or dogs?
Cats, am not a dog person at all.

Blogger signiture

Thank you Sarah for sharing a little bit about yourself. I too love a scheduling calendar plugin, and am guilty of blogging whilst waiting for ballet class to end!

Please download your ‘featured blogger’ badge below 🙂

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You can find out more about Sarah on her Digital Motherhood.
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Alana - Burnished Chaos

Great new series. I love reading more about the people behind the blogs. I recently discovered the calendar plugin too and i do t know how I coped without it!


What a great series. It’s lovely to get to know other bloggers. #GlobalBlogging

One Messy Mama

Lovely interview with Sarah, always great getting to know the blogger behind the blog… And yes, I am all over Blindspot at the moment! #globalblogging