BloggleBox TV Review: Ex on The Beach

BloggleBox TV Review: What I watched this week

Having been away last week, and it not being any kind of appropriate to watch around my 2 year old, this week I binge watched Ex On The Beach during her nap times.

Well, what can I say?


For those of you that don’t know what this programme is about, here is a brief summary.

MTV fills an uber posh villa in an uber posh destination with a bunch of fame-hungry, moral-lacking arseholes. They are given too much alcohol and we wait for them the ‘hook up’ (apparently a word ‘da yout’ use a lot to imply they just kissed but actually so that they can pretend they didn’t shag – possibly so that their Dad’s don’t kick off). The problem is that MTV films them all bonking away, and once the girls have fallen in love, throws in a few of their exes to f**k shit up.

What happens next can only be described as utter chaos and use of the ‘c’ word in every other sentence. And no, I’m not talking ‘condom’ although I’d imagine they do ask for a fair few of those too.

This time around though, there’s a twist. The contestants have actually already been on previous series of EoTB so now they have even bigger egos due to their selfie-posting protein shake endorsing Instagram z-list status.

You can imagine the desperate cretins they have invited back.

And they certainly don’t disappoint.

From the off, the bed-hopping antics of these instantly forgettable morons sees one girl so tattooed she could double as a magic eye puzzle (ooh I can see a unicorn!) boasting that Gaz from Geordie Shore gave her 8 orgasms in one night. It must have been so great that was practicing her counting throughout. She then inevitably then gets ‘pied’ in the morning and Gaz moves on.

Her ex, a ‘worldie’ whatever that is, also happens to be Gaz’s pal from Nu’castle and obviously shortly enters the villa. She declares her love for him, crying more tears than 1D fans when Zayne left the band, but of course, it doesn’t end there. She’s actually also slept with their other mate from G Shore, Scotty F**king T, so when the ex quite rightly tells her where to go and cracks on with another lass, Magic Eye loses her shit and starts smashing the place up. Apparently, she loves him so much and we just don’t understand.


Yep, sleeping with your ex-boyfriend’s entire phone book is a great way to show him that he’s the one.

Whilst this is all going on, the ‘lads’ are claiming they all ‘need a bang’ (how charming), demonstrating extreme cringe in trying to do so. The girls, you ask? Well they are comparing genitalia and having 3-way kisses.

So what do I think of this programme?

It’s shocking. Shocking in a gobsmacking way, but also shocking in a terrible way. It’s supposed to be shocking though – I get that.

I have no problem with the content itself – you know what you are going to get and are certainly pre-warned enough, but what I have a problem with is the type of lifestyle it is endorsing to the younger folk.

EoTB shows that it’s OK to have no respect for yourself or anyone else, to argue and physically fight with your peers, and to dress like a slut / bell end because the chances are, you might get famous in doing so.
Will I continue to watch it? More than likely.

The difference is though that I watch it because I can see what plonkers these people are making of themselves and am entertained to see their epic fails edited to look even worse for TV.

Would I let my child watch it?

Not a cat in hell’s chance.

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