Sponsored Post: Building our forever home – Stage 1

Sponsored Post: Building our forever home – Stage 1

For just over a year now, we’ve been talking about ‘our forever home’.

After years of thinking that London would always be our hometown, we had a change of heart. We decided that it wasn’t for us anymore.

Hailing from the midlands originally, the idea of a bigger house with a nice garden always appealed. In reality, with the London property prices, we knew that that was going to cost us even more money than the average-sized one we already had.

Plus schooling choices weren’t great, unless we wanted to put our hands in our pockets again.

So where to relocate to?

Looking at moving out of London, but still be within commutable distance for my husband, we looked at the usual Home Counties. Each town was still just as busy and going cost an arm and a leg for not much more than we already had in zone 5 though.

Then one day, my husband sent me an email asking “what about Rugby?”.

What about Rugby?“, I thought.

All I knew of the place was that I’d been through it on the train, and there was a cement factory. Oh and the obvious, it’s where the game of Rugby came from.

Thinking it was another non-starter, I quickly got onto Google.

Expect heritage. A heritage of innovation, of inventions, of surprises, and of literary masterpieces. The invention of the hologram. The development of the jet engine. The discovery of helium. The hiding place of the gunpowder plotters. And of course, the creation of the greatest game the world has ever seen. Enjoy Rugby.

Add to it that Rugby has some of the best state and private schools in the country. Set in the Warwickshire countryside, there is an abundance of indoor and outdoor fun to be had. It’s just 30 mins on the train into Birmingham with a few local airports nearby, and amazing motorway links on the doorstep.

And 2 clinchers; it’s an hour by car to where my family all live, and just 45 mins on a fast train into Euston.


Long story short, we sold our house and bought a new one. A much bigger one, with money left over to totally gut it and build our ‘dream home’.





Fast forward to November and the renovation started.

And we weren’t moving out.

It was HELL.

demolishing a house

3 and a bit months later and we’re getting there.

We’ve got a new kitchen, utility, lounge, playroom, central heating system, electrics, wood burner, flooring throughout and have almost finished the new dining room / sun room thingy.

new kitchen new kitchen


Next step is to put a 2nd level onto the bungalow to make it into a house.

As the 2nd floor won’t be a dormer, there’ll actually be a full attic space. Our builders dropped a curveball and asked what we would like to do with the new loft space that will be created.

Oooh, I’d not thought about it being anything other than a loft?

He suggested that we might want to add some VELUX windows and blinds into the new roof so that we have options for the future. It would add natural light and also be easier than having to rip the roof tiles off again.

If we ever wanted to do any more work again.

I began thinking, and obviously browsing Pinterest.

The loft will be massive. Like 1000 square foot massive. So it could actually be anything we want.

I have ideas of a creative room. A craft cave, dance studio, or music room.

My husband has ideas that it could be a games room, gym and home cinema.

My builder had the practical suggestion that it could be a room for teenagers when Lady P gets bigger and has her friends over.

I very much doubt that I’ll want builders to be anywhere near me again after the end of this year. Or have the money to even invite them in for a cup of tea (if they leave me any sugar and tea bags), but it’s an interesting question.

What would you do if you were creating a dream attic space?

Disclaimer: This was a sponsored post by VELUX. The opinions in this blog are based on my own experiences.



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Peachy and her Mommy

It’s looking really nice. So fresh and new. I know it’s hard to live in a house that is being worked on but i think the worst is behind you. #MarvMondays

Fran Back With A Bump

Wow what a fab project and I did laugh at “what about Rugby?” as I’m from Leamington but we moved to Northampton to cut down on my husbands commute and house prices were alot less. It’s not so much where you live but how you make your house a home and it looks like your doing a fab job… expecially surviving all that chaos. We’re about to embark on a new kitchen and knocking walls down and I already know its going to be crazy!!! Thanks for joining us for #marvmondays

Becki Parsons

I feel your pain! We’ve just moved from Birmingham to Northampton so had the opposite problem with the cost – we had a nice sized house in Brum but a smaller one in Northampton for A LOT more money. We also had to rip out the kitchen and have the whole place rewired before we moved on, on basically no budget!!

We lived in Rugby for a little while too with my Husband’s parents while we were doing the work – such a lovely part of the world 🙂 #marvmondays


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