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Can toddlers be too busy? #LetsGoPJMasks

Can toddlers be too busy? #LetsGoPJMasks

I’ve written before about television time for toddlers, and how I really don’t have a massive problem with it.

Children who are otherwise active and stimulated through play, nursery, preschool, home learning activities, and any clubs or classes they might attend actually need a bit of downtime.

My daughter is shattered without it.

And quite honestly, I’d never be able to get dressed!

How much activity can be too much activity?

Lady P attends preschools a few days a week. She also goes to gymnastics, swimming, ballet and tap lessons. On top of that are other playgroups or playdates we go to together on a weekly basis.

I often worry it’s too much so keep a close eye on how it affects her.

The problem is that she loves it all. With her little pals to play with, she’s a little pocket rocket. Like me, she loves to be busy.

The truth is though, that it can be too much and become overwhelming.

On particularly busy weeks when we are here, there and everywhere, her energy levels, behaviour and sleep patterns can all go a bit screwy.

And who can blame her? Mine do too.

What are the consequences?

Lately, her sleep has been all over the shop. Bedtimes have ranged from 6-9pm. Wake ups anywhere between 4.45-7.30am. And the moods for the day have been interesting to say the least.

So what did we do about it?

We’ve been saying ‘no’ to things.

Our days haven’t been quite so busy and we’ve been enjoying some much needed downtime in front of the telly.

The results have spoken for themselves.

Sleep patterns have resumed, the little goblin has disappeared and my good little girl has returned. Hurrah!

What are we watching?

Her TV tastes are pretty typical of most 3 year olds. She’d happily watch any old rubbish on the kids channels, or those strange videos of people playing with their toys on YouTube. What exactly are they about?

So for a mix of selfish and educational reasons, I try to influence the programme choice.

Therefore, when we were sent the brand new ‘Let’s Go PJ Masks’ DVD, I was over the moon.

PJ Masks is a firm favourite in our house.

With good reason too.

The stories are entertaining, the characters are not little know-it-alls, there’s a good sense of comedy, and the viewers are taught valuable lessons throughout. It’s no surprise it’s one of the nation’s favourite preschool shows.

The female characters are also not only pink princesses either. The girl superhero, Owlette wears red and can certainly hold her own against the ‘bad guys’ or male characters.

It makes a welcome change from the monotonous Peppa Pig or Barbie shows, that’s for sure.

And without adverts, you know you can sit down and watch something together without the risk of having to add to your child’s wish list too.

What’s on the DVD?

The new DVD, also available as a download, includes six new episodes of PJ Masks featuring the same loveable characters, running for 72 minutes.

If your child has dropped their naps, it’s the perfect amount of time for a post-lunch or pre-bedtime snuggle together. Or perhaps just an episode or 2.

Lady P’s favourite episode so far is ‘Clumsy Catboy’ when baddie Romeo ‘clumsifies’ him so that the others have to help him to save the day.

It sounds like her Daddy, to be honest!

There really is no other option but to pull up a chair, grab some snacks, and encourage your little one to enjoy a bit of downtime.

Your sleep will thank you for it later!

‘Let’s Go PJ Masks’ is available to buy from Amazon on DVD or to download today.


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The Willow Tree

totally agree in that children need some downtime too and thats ok! As long as children have a balanced lifestyle then i see nothing wrong with some TV time – like you say we all need to get dressed!! #ThursdayTeam

Annette, 3 Little Buttons

OOOhhh PJ Masks! My daughter has talked about this show before. I do agree that packing in too much in the day can become a bit overwhelming for everyone. Downtime is a must, as is unscheduled play time I think. So glad to hear that the telly time helped with setting bedtime back to normal. Thanks for joining us for the #DreamTeam

Pat - White Camellias

I love the sound of that DVD and I’m sure my kids would love it too. Thank you for sharing with #StayClassyMama


I totally agree, I have no problem with TV as I know at all other times Amelie is doing things and 4 days a week is at preschool so in a way needs some down time! Thanks for linking this to #thursdayteam