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Can we get married again?

Can we get married again?

Whenever I go to a wedding, or spot beautiful new ideas on Pinterest, I ask my husband the same thing…

“Can we get married again?”

My wedding day was the most fun day of my life. It really was.

Everything we chose was exactly what we wanted. It was just perfect.

Our wedding day

And then we popped off for 10 glorious days in Mexico on the most lavish and grown up holiday we will have for about another 20 years.

But each time I look at our wedding photos, I always think the same thing. I really do wish our daughter could have been there with us.

This of course would have been impossible as she was born 11 months after our big day.

And in reality, I doubt we’d have had the same kind of wedding had we have had our child first.

I still don’t think it hurts to dream about how we might have done it though.

A different type of wedding

If we’d decided to get have a baby first, our wedding would probably have been very different:

  • We might have had a much smaller do
  • I wouldn’t have had 4 grown up bridesmaids – just the 1 little
  • We’d probably have invited our guests’ children and it would have been mayhem
  • We most likely wouldn’t have spent so much money on it
  • We might have done it abroad

So what might our wedding have looked like had we have got married abroad?

I just so happened to be asked a few questions by a travel company about exactly this…

1. Where would be your dream destination to get married abroad?

I’ve been to a few overseas weddings in St Tropez, Sorrento and Santorini, and each of them were beautiful wedding destinations.
I think if I was to get married abroad though, I’d be straight back to Mexico to tie the knot on the beach.
mexico beach Whilst we were on honeymoon in Riviera Maya, we saw a few weddings being set up and it just looked like the most stunning setting.
The Mexican locals are so friendly, the scenery is perfect, and the fresh fish caught that day was melt-in-the-mouth delicious. Oh, and the mojitos on tap were like no other!
I’m salivating even writing this.

2. When would the wedding take place?

Our wedding day was 30th November which meant we spent the first 2 weeks of December in the sunshine.

I think I’d do the same again.

I love that our wedding could have a subtle Christmas twist and that the rest of December was really just about partying. That year, most of my friends got married in the summer too, so ours kind of stood out as a bit different.

christmas on the beach

3. Who would you include in your wedding party?

I would invite as many people as would want to come.
Weddings abroad are always a gamble. Some people can’t wait for an excuse to book another holiday, whereas for others it’s just not practical.
So I’d probably also plan a massive bash in the UK when we got back. Maybe a New Year’s Eve party!

4. Where would you go for your honeymoon?

We’d already be on honeymoon the minute I woke up the next day!

Just pass me the glass of champers by the pool, please.

I think that we would fly off somewhere for some alone time too though.

Perhaps we’d fly up to the west coast of America and do a bit of a road trip through California, Oregan and Washington. They are all places that I’d like to visit one day.

san francisco

What’s your dream wedding destination?

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The Squirmy Popple

Ooh, I quite fancy a destination wedding myself! We got married in Glasgow, which is where we live, but most of our family and friends live in America, so I guess our wedding was kind of a destination wedding for them. Still, I’d quite like a bit of sunshine myself…#stayclassymama


Oh my god, your dress is stunning! You look beautiful.

Me? I’m engaged. To not be married. I’ve cancelled 2 weddings. So yeah, not the best person to speak to about all things matrimonial. The only experience I’ve got is resuming the role of drunken wedding guest on more than 1 occasion! #stayclassymama

Musings of a tired mummy...zzz...

I love weddings but never plan to have my own as my partner and I hate being the centre of attention and our families would never forgive us if we sneaked off. I’m glad your day was so special you’d do it again! #stayclassymama

Pat - White Camellias

This is lovely. I often make the same comment about getting married again. I also had the most fun and it was perfect. I wouldn’t change the location at all though. Thank you for sharing with #StayClassyMama