Christmas comes early: The new festive knitwear has landed

Christmas comes early: The new festive knitwear has landed

Hold the phone; Christmas really is coming.

OK, OK, I know it’s only August, but if you know me in real life though, you’ll know that this is late for me to start counting down.

The countdown to Christmas

My birthday falls mid-June. From 25th June onwards, I genuinely start to look forward to the big day. I once saw that Nickelodeon used the entire day to play festive TV episodes and I thought that was just genius.

Since then, I’ve had Christmas themed birthday celebrations. In fact, one year we crammed friends into our tiny flat for a full Christmas dinner with crackers, mulled wine and everything.

Shame that year it was actually 30 degrees in heat. Yes, really.

So as I sit here writing this with ONLY FOUR MONTHS TO GO, the hunt for my new Christmas jumper begins.

Christmas jumpers

A few of my Christmas jumper finds over the years

And let’s face it, summer barely got started this year, did it? So let’s all embrace the knits and check out what I’ve found.

Cheesy Christmas Jumpers

Back in 2007, I sat at work bidding on ebay for some of the dodgy pre-loved sweaters you can see above.

The UK had at this point, forgotten the appeal of the Christmas jumper, and thanks to Bridget Jones’ Diary, they were really not cool.

So thank goodness we woke up to festive fashion and someone decided to set up a UK based company making festive themed knitwear.

Cheesy Christmas Jumpers are just those people. Founded in 2009, father and son duo Paul and Mark Everett, began designing Christmas jumpers and cardigans for people just like me.

And today sees the launch of this year’s brand new collection of Christmas jumpers.

I have to warn you, this will be like catnip for festive fans…

The Christmas jumper journey

The starting point for any Christmas jumper addict is the traditional sweater, and the 2017 collection will certainly get you noticed.

Whether it’s for the office party or around the dinner table, Christmas time will never be the same again.

There are even special ‘Twosie’ two person Christmas jumpers if you wanted to cosy up this winter!

Christmas jumpers

I have to say though, this unicorn jumper is my absolute favourite design, and my daughter too would love it. Christmas and unicorns that I could legitimately wear all year round… What’s not to love?unicorn Christmas jumper

Once you are feeling confident in your choices, you could move onto a cardigan or sweatshirt for a less formal look, catering for the whole family too.

cardigans and sweatshirts

So all that’s left to say, is how many sleeps are there until the big man visits?

The new Chrismas jumper and cardigan collection is now available from the Cheesy Christmas Jumpers website.

Special offer

For a limited time, you can also get 20% OFF from Cheesy Christmas Jumpers

Valid Until: 31st August 2017

Disclaimer: This was a sponsored post by Cheesy Christmas jumpers. The opinions in this blog however are my own own.

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