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How to Decopatch

Whether it’s a designer shoe shop, boutique patisserie, or just the supermarket, everyone has their kryptonite.

I’m talking about the place that you go to when you’ll ‘just pop in’, but end up coming out having lost all control of time and money (and usually without the thing you went in for).

Impulse purchase: An unplanned decision to buy a product or service, made just before an intended purchase.

Last week, I visited mine; Hobbycraft.

I went in for 2 pieces of mounting card, and came out with 2 new hobbies.

One of which was Decopatch.

What is Decopatch?

It’s kind of like papier mache and Decoupage only prettier. In a nutshell, Decopatch is the craft of covering everyday items paper and glue.

Decoupage is an 18th Century detailed craft of decorating items such as furniture or boxes by carefully cutting pictures or patterns from books, magazines or newspapers, applying layers with varnish.  Items can often see 30 or 40 layers applied!

Decopatch on the other hand is much easier (and less time consuming). No careful cutting is required – paper can be ripped, and using thin papers means corners and complicated shapes are no problem.

So how do you do it?

I bought 3 cardboard 3D letter shapes (but other shapes including animals, boxes or photo frames are available).

As it was my first attempt, I didn’t buy the proper Decopatch papers or specialist brush, but instead bought tissue paper and wrapping paper in pretty designs.

paper for decopatch

The key is for the paper you use to not be too thick, thin or likely to lose the colour

I bought everyday PVA glue (watered it down to approx. 5 parts glue to 1 part water), and a paint brush.

glue for decopatch

School PVA glue is much cheaper than specialist glue

And then you simply rip up bits of paper, paint on some glue and keep layering on your object.

Rip up bits of paper. Simples!

Rip up bits of paper. Simples!

paper craft

And glue them on. I used a wash proof table cloth on which to glue my papers.

Leave it to dry, before attempting the sides and back, and once hardened, inspect any gaps or areas that need a few more patches.

And voilà… A few hours later, my masterpiece is complete!

Decopatch finished article

My Decopatch debut.

I really enjoyed my Decopatch debut, and am definitely going to do more, and am going to shop around for special offers on equipment.

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