Developing fine motor skills: Aquabeads review

Developing fine motor skills: Aquabeads review


When it comes to watching television, I’ve made a terrible mistake.

My daughter has been moving away from the more generic toddler shows on Cbeebies for a while, as her concentration span is developing.

She no longer only stares at the screen mesmerised by the colours and characters of shows like Paw Patrol and Go Jetters. Now she actually enjoys what is actually happening in the programme – following the plots and laughing out loud at the right parts.

I’m not against my toddler watching TV shows providing she’s doing lots of other activities too.

In fact, I think it’s healthy to have a bit of chill out time when she would’ve previously napped.

The problem I have is with the adverts!

There are so many (and they are so frequent on the Sky channels) that she can recite the voiceovers of kids’ toys with her back to the screen. It’s making trips to the supermarket even longer as we have to visit the toy aisle and she points out things I’ve never even heard of.

So when she spotted Aquabeads, they were obviously going to be a massive hit.

Disney Princess Aquabeads

We were lucky enough to be offered a set of the Disney Princess Aquabeads to try out and review.

As predicted, Lady P went nuts for them.

playing with aquabeads

The set we were sent was the Disney Princess Playset.

I thought it was going to be really complicated, but as my daughter told me, “you just make your design, spray with water, wait 10 minutes, and peel it off”.

Reading the instructions leaflet, she was spot on.

Well done, advertisers. You can take the rest of the year off.

After carefully emptying each of the coloured beads into the pallet, we started making our first design; Aurora.

Developing fine motor skills

As she is about to turn three years old, looking at the age on the box (four+), I really did think she would struggle.

She completely blew that theory out of the water.

I’m so impressed at how well my little managed with the @aquabeadsuk #aquabeads #disney #princesses

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Telling me the difference between “sparkly pink” and “normal pink”, she confidently picked up individual beads and placed them onto the right hole on board.

Cue proud Mummy moment!

Developing concentration

Lady P really enjoyed making the more intricate flowers, eyes and smiles, but seemed to get a bit fed up with big blocks of the same colour e.g. the long hair.

So she didn’t want to finish those sections off and asked me to.

disney princess aquabeads

I found this so interesting to watch because it is exactly how my mind works.

When decorating, I always enjoy the more careful ‘cutting in’ around woodwork, leaving the big sections to my husband.

Watching her process this idea herself was a real eye-opener into what likes, and I can now try to offer more activities to extend this concentration span. Likewise, we can try others that she finds more enjoyable, such as more fiddly tasks like cutting paper (another favourite of hers).

My verdict?

I really liked Aquabeads, and I think it’ll be a toy that she will go back to time and time again as she gets older.

They feel like a good value and quality toy, unlike some plasticky items we’ve had before.

In fact, I’ve already bought her the picker tool to help handle the beads and some replacement colours so she can download some Aquabead templates and also design her own shapes.

At a glance:

  • Price: from between £3-5 for mini sets (shop around for offers)
  • Ingedients: Find out more on the info for parents
  • Quality: high
  • Gender: unisex
  • Available at most toy shops like The Entertainer or Tesco Direct
  • Recommendation: high


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Sally Collingwood

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Sadiyya Maryam

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