Difficulty sleeping during pregnancy

The medical professionals and info you real all tells you that the more your pregnancy develops, the harder you’ll find it to sleep.

But how about when you’ve not even reach halfway?

So this is my life right now.

Seventeen weeks pregnant. Bloated and exhausted, and really the only thing I want to do it sleep. FOREVER.

But unfortunately, my hormones have a different idea.

I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat at 4pm, but when it comes to going to bed, it’s a different story.

And then when I finally do drop off, I either wake up because I need a wee, or because of the increased pounding of my heart pumping the extra blood around my body!

So I have started trying to actively aid my sleep by:

  • Drinking camomile tea around an hour before I go to bed
  • Reading my book before lights out
  • Taking exercise a few hours before I want to go to sleep to gently wear myself out (not too close to sleeping though as this can have the opposite effect)
  • Sticking to a regular routine – aiming for the same bedtime and getting up time
  • Making bed for sleeping, so that if I feel tired after dinner, I go to bed early rather than falling asleep on the sofa and have to wake up risking not being able to drop off again
  • Taking a shower before bed and putting my pjs straight on ready for bed

What other tips do you have for sleeping?

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