If you’re in business and are taking it seriously, you need a strong online presence.

A good website will provide credibility to your brand, so that prospective customers can trust in what they are buying into. It is effectively your shop window, and so it should be dressed appropriately.

If however you don’t have the skills to be able to do this yourself, but feel that your website needs redeveloping, then it is of the utmost importance that you find the right people to do this for you.

After all, you wouldn’t take your dog to the hairdresser for a check up, would you?

Finding a new supplier

Sometimes, relationships just don’t work out. The same can happen with suppliers that you may once have taken on.

If you feel that the website design and development company you opted for the first time around has not provided you with the results you require, then it is even more so important to get it right the second time around.

There are several factors which you can consider in order to give yourself the best possible chance of finding a top website redevelopment company.

Look at the timeline

The first thing that you should consider is the experience of the business.

The length of time they have they been in business should translate into the level of expertise, and hopefully less problems cropping up.

Pick a company that has a lot of years in their locker (five years or more). They will have unique insight, expertise, knowledge, resources, contacts and research to provide a best practice website for your company and industry. If you can find a company with over ten years experience then you know you are onto a winner – they must have had some success to have lasted so long. 

Research the reputation

Aside from experience, you should also consider the company’s reputation amongst previous customers online, especially with regards to their website redevelopment service.

This is the best way to gain an honest insight into whether the business is a credible one or not. The more opinion you can gain with regards to the service they received, the better. Most good companies will display testimonials they have received from previous clients on their website, but it is always worth asking for references too.

Check out the creds

In addition to the two points already mentioned, take a good look at the company’s client portfolio.

Again, any good company will have this feature displayed prominently on their website for you to see. By viewing their portfolio you will be able to form an idea of their capabilities, review previous work, and be able to determine they can provide the level of service that you are looking for.

Look at specific features, for example, how they have integrated Adobe flash player for Mac into their websites, as well as graphics, load speeds and so on. Don’t just look at the whole picture.

Ask for a plan

And finally, you also need to be aware of how much time the company can dedicate to your website redevelopment. Ask them directly for an idea of how quickly they can carry out your service.

First and foremost, you need to know that they will take the time and effort to find out as much as possible about your business so that they can deal with the redevelopment effectively and ensure that your site operates to the highest level.

In addition to this, you need to know that this is something which can be carried out quickly. After all, there is no time to waste with regards to the online world, because downtime is the difference between customers finding your service, or using a competitor.

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