Dream destination: A family holiday to Taormina

There is nothing quite like a family holiday.

I’ve actually just got back from a Spanish escape (take-me-back posts coming soon).

I’m already struggling with those nasty ‘post-holiday blues’.


I love holidays. Who doesn’t?

Parents who may spend more time than they’d like working i.e. my husband, are given some real quality time with their offsprings exploring new places and showing them somewhere new in the world.

No matter what the situation is, a chance to relax and spend quality time together is the perfect time to reconnect as a family.

So, already feeling glum, I was mentally planning out next trip before we’d even reached the arrivals hall. In fact, whilst on the way back through sunny Birmingham airport, my daughter even asked us where we are going next, so I guess it’s genetic.

I announced that we should go to Italy.

Why Italy?

Italy is a great destination for a family trip because of the incredible weather, world famous food, friendly locals and amazing landscape.

italy coast

Whether it’s beaches, mountains or lakes – whatever you are into, there’s a lot to choose from.

I’ve been to Italy a few times as a child, and then a few more times as an adult either for weddings, city breaks or just a getaway, but never as a family.

So I began researching…

The first thing that struck me was that it can be quite a bit cheaper than other holiday destinations if you pick right. You can have quite a frugal holiday in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Win!

After a quick browse of dreamy holiday blogs, Sicily seemed to emerge as one of the most spectacular parts of Italy to visit. In particular, Taormina.

Taormina looks great for family holidays, and for holidays in general.

The city sits on top of a hill at Mount Tauro overlooking the Ionian Sea. You can visit its greatest heights, take in the views and make your way down to the beaches, even via cable car (a sure way to put a smile on your kids’ faces).


A bit of history and a few must-sees

Before the outbreak of World War I, Taormina was a destination for special guests including: the Rothschilds and the rulers Edward VII and George V of England.

Well if it’s good enough for them…

Teatro GrecoA few must sees in the city are:

  • the Teatro Greco (which is still used as a popular outdoor music and theatre venue)
  • The horseshoe-shaped theatre
  • The public gardens offering a view of the town
  • The Duomo that dates back to the thirteenth century

You can also wind your way down to the most popular beach, Mazzaro. It is a pebbly strip with umbrellas and plenty of activities to do at the seaside.

If you want more of a local spot with a small, sandy beach, the seaside right at the Bay of Spisone is another one to check out. No matter what you and your family prefer, you are sure to find both the relaxing and adventurous spots throughout the city to enjoy.

How to get to Taormina

When it comes to making your way to Taormina, as with most holiday destinations it is best to avoid peak seasons as the town attracts a lot of visitors. This also means a less expensive trip for you.

Flights, trains, bus prices and the general cost of living do certainly go down if you avoid the busiest period!

To have a really authentic experience, there are companies like Wishsicily that offer locally owned Taormina villas. 

We often prefer to go self-catering, and renting a whole villa allows you to create your own home from home, with more space for the kids and often a private pool.

A natural beauty spot

Sicily still has a huge amount of unspoilt nature, and rustic towns where you can take in all the history that surrounds you and try some really authentic local dishes. I think we’d hire a car and take in some of the local attractions.

Mount Etna is nearby, there are also amusement parks for kids, and of course, lots of cute cafes to sit and watch the world go by in.

No matter the destination, a family holiday is so special. Of course budgeting for a big trip can be difficult, but it is so worth it for all the memories you will create as a family.

Holidays are not just about ice creams and holiday beers (although they are welcome!). Making a family trip will open up the world to your children to experience a new culture, and some of the history they may well have read about in school.

Where is your dream family holiday destination?

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