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Easy rainy day activity: Freddie the frog paper craft

Easy rainy day activity: Freddie the frog paper craft

When the weather is dire and you have a toddler at home, you need to have your full armour well prepared. 

I’m not suggesting that you go into battle with your child. No, I’m talking about planning rainy day activities to keeps our little ones busy.

Where to find rainy day activities?

I thank all of moon and the stars for Pinterest for things to keep my daughter busy when it’s raining outside.

But today I’ve done the searching for you and I’m going to show you a super easy rainy day activity to make a blow up frog.

How to make Freddie the blow up frog

  1. Start by cutting 2 circles out of contrasting cardboard. I used a small glass basin as a template. I’d recommend green and red colours.Cut out 2 circlesCut 2 circles
  2. Stick them together with a glue stick. This is a great task to delegate to an eager toddler and in the process, help them develop their hand eye coordination skills.
  3. Fold the stuck together circles in half to make a semicircle.Create a semicircle
  4. Cut out 2 strips with a rounded edge about 4cm long by 2cm wide. This is another good one for children to learn scissor skills if you have safer scissors and are of course supervising.Eyes
  5. Ask your child to draw 2 eyes within the rounded end. 
  6. Turn the strips over and fold the square edges over to create a flap around 1cm.
  7. Glue the reverse of the flaps and stick them top of the semicircle so that the eyes are facing the rounded edge. Fold the strips up so they the stand up. Cut out 2 eyes
  8. Cut out 2 cross-shapes with rounded ends to create dangly legs. Cut out 2 legs
  9. Glue one rounded end to the underside of the semicircle . 
  10. Cut out a hat shape, leaving an extra margin of around 1cm across the bottom. Fold the margin over to create a stand, and glue to the top of the semicircle (along the diameter).Cut out a hat shape
  11. Ask your child to cut out 5 small rectangles to create teeth, and glue to the rounded edge of the top of the semicircle.
  12. Finally, cut a triangle out from the middle of the diameter fold and place a balloon through to create a tongue.Place balloon through the hole 
  13. Inflate and have fun with your frog!Toddler having fun

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Pat - White Camellias

I’m also a Pinterest junkie. Love Fredie the blow up frog. It came out great. Thank you for sharing with #StayCLassyMama