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Finding time to blog: Fitting it all in

Finding time to blog: Fitting it all in

the busy bloggers guideI once read that Mums are squeezing in an extra 28 hours of graft looking after their homes and families.

That’s not including any kind of ‘real work’ in whatever format we do it in.

Now before all of the Dads start kicking off about inequality, I read it in the Daily Mail. Take how it is worded with a pinch of salt.

Families are no longer as simple as Dad goes to work and Mum stays at home. Likewise, there are plenty of us that are or aren’t in full-time employment, but who still work around the clock to get everything done.

Whilst I don’t agree with the phrasing of the soundbite I heard, I do concur that we are all flipping busy.

I work part-time, looking after my daughter the rest of the time. Posts are written or promoted in any spare minute. I am responsible for the lion’s share of the domestic admin. I exercise as much as I can. When I am not doing any of those things, I am tatting about crafting or being a friend/daughter/sister and so on.

So how can we fit it all in?

If anything tends to give, it’s the blogging side of life.

That’s not cool, especially because it is becoming increasingly important to me as I push my freelance copywriting business.

So here are some tips that I try to follow to cram extra blogging time into my daily routine:

Write a backlog of posts

How satisfying is it to have a backlog of posts just sitting there, ready to go? I try to write when I can and not only when I need to publish a post. That way, I have posts in my planner than can go live at any time, which is particularly important when the rest of my life takes over.

Carry a notebook

It might seem a bit old school, but having a notebook can help you to jot down ideas as they strike you. I find that I can scribble more effectively than I can type when I get an idea, so it works better for me.

busy blogger

Use a notes app

If the notebook thing doesn’t work for you (or more likely gets stolen and scribbled on), use an app to draft out ideas as you get them. I like Google Keep or Evernote.

Once you have your outline, flesh it out as you go.

Use every second

I am not one to advocate using your phone when you should be playing with your kids, but on the rare occasion that you might get 3 minutes and 10 seconds peace, update your drafts. I’m not proud to admit it, but I’ve even been known to write whilst on the loo. Needs must.

More appropriately perhaps, write when waiting for the kettle to boil or whilst on a train.

Go to bed early

We are all guilty of staying up late, and whilst I have written posts about how we should put our phones down at bed time, in truth, this may be your only time. A notepad works very well if you have a technology curfew.

Have a plan

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, an editorial plan for your blog will help you to fill your time more efficiently.

Even if this is just a list of topics that you have thought of on the fly with a possible date to publish, it’s better than nothing.

What other tips do you have?


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Sadie | Be Your Own Example

Urgh, I’m struggling to keep my blog going now that I have a new baby. Sometimes I wonder if I should just quit, but I just felt like I was starting to get somewhere so something keeps me chipping away. I like the idea of building up a backlog for when I don’t have time to write…I just need to find the time for that!

Musings of a tired mummy...zzz...

I really want to try to get ahead this month when the kids are back at school (although my 3 jobs start up too πŸ™ ) #stayclassymama

Heather Keet

Thanks for the great ideas! #GlobalBlogging


Great advice. I am so bad at planning. I sometimes do an Instagram pic of myself blogging on the go. It’s fun to look back and see all the places I try squeeze in even 5 minutes of blogging. I use the hashtag #wheredoyoublog and i’ve been known to blog everywhere from the car wash to the side of the pool during the girl’s swimming lessons. Needs must! lol
Thanks for linking up to #globalblogging


It’s so true that you just have to use every second – since I started blogging, I don’t think I’ve had an hour where I just say and got bored.


I do like writing up a backlog of posts, but it can also make me feel REALLY overwhelmed at the same time! I also end up staying up late most nights doing blog work as during the day I’m out with my toddler, or he won’t let me go on the MacBook for 5 minutes. #twinklytuesday


Great post, i do youtube aswell as having my blog, oh and a crazy 15 month old, oh and pregnant with my 2nd baby boy, hectic, constantly tired, but somehow i manage to stay alive and get things done. on top of the 101 things i need to do around the house xxx #TriumphantTales


Hi, it can be tough blogging I just fit it in as and when I can, late nights are no good for me, I’m more productive in the morning #triumphanttales

Ali Duke

I definitely need to start carrying a notebook around with me. I have loads at home, but never one with me when I have a post idea!

Caroline Robinson

Fab tips, I need to get myself super organised now as I am back at work, and soon to be back to studying so blogging will be the first thing to fall behind and I really don’t want it to. x

Lucy At Home

Yes there is so much great advice here! I use Evernote to jot stuff down when it comes to me. I always try to be at least 1 post ahead of myself, but after having both kids at home through the summer holidays, I am now writing and publishing straight away. I’m hoping to replenish my bank of posts over the next few weeks. Eeek! #triumphanttales

One Messy Mama

These are such great tips! I so need to have a backlog of posts. Things have been so hectic and I must admit I have fallen behind in my writing. Need to get back on it again!!! Checking out Evernote ASAP! #globalblogging


I’ve been known to comment on posts when I’m waiting for kettle to boil or the microwave to ping! Every little helps! #twinklytuesday

Mrs Mummy Harris

Recently I’ve had so many ideas I’ve upped my posts per week which life has meant I’m struggling to catch up and find I’m writing posts usually the night before they’re due to go live. Even still, I still maintain a rule that my laptop never comes to bed with me otherwise I’ll live on it!
Thank you for sharing these brilliant tips with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week! oh and loving the copywriting site!

Lisa (mummascribbles)

My biggest one is to steer clear of social media when I need to write something! Put the phone away and close the browser!!! Great tips here. Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

Susie / So Happy In Town

These are great tips. It is so hard to fit in blogging around family life but I jot down ideas in my notes on my phone. If ever I’m organised enough to have a backlog of posts, it does feel so good but I’m never usually that organised. #TwinklyTuesday