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Getting pregnant

A disclaimer for this post ‘Getting pregnant’: It is obviously written retrospectively as I am now 23 weeks preggers, but so far, I have been a little cautious in documenting anything ‘just in case’. It doesn’t mean to say it’s a time I think I will ever forget though, and as it’s the start of my ‘journey’ (pass the bucket, I know), it seems like the logical place to start this blog.

Dreams of a family

Having a family was always on ‘the plan’ for my husband and I. We were both hoping that me getting pregnant was something that would happen for us, but at hitting my early 30s and with friends that have had problems conceiving, we were under no illusions as to when, if indeed at all.

In the run up to our wedding in November 2013, we ‘relaxed’ things a little (so to speak) and decided that if I fell pregnant before the big day, then that would be a bonus rather than a problem, but we were not ‘trying’ – I hate that phrase by the way.

It turned out that I didn’t, so putting it to the back of our minds, we went about enjoying our amazing wedding, fabulous honeymoon in Mexico, and big family Christmas in style – drinking champagne at every opportunity.

wedding kiss

Our first married kiss

New year

So January came, and unsurprisingly given that I had more champers pumping around my body than blood, so did my monthly visitor.

At that point, it had technically been a few low-key months, but it was starting to get more of my attention than it had previously.

Given the volume of alcohol we’d consumed over the last 6 weeks, we decided to not drink through January until we were hitting the slopes for our annual ski holiday later in the month, and I set about getting our nutrition back on track, cooking healthy meals at every opportunity. Funnily enough, frozen spinach was a common ingredient I used, which I have since found out is good for your diet when trying to conceive, but of course, I can’t say that with any authority!

I also started taking folic acid supplements, figuring it is worth a shot, and trying to calculate when I might be ovulating, although that in itself was mind-boggling. Who knows how long their ‘cycle’ is?!

Shoop-shooping in the Alps

skiing holiday

Yes, he is wearing fluoro green with pink

At the end of January, we headed off to Morzine for our regular week’s skiing, and whilst I thought there could be a chance I might be/get pregnant, I didn’t actually think I might. My period was due the last Saturday of our holiday – 1 day before we returned home, so I packed the essentials as usual anyway.

The week started as it usually did… A little too much red wine on the first night, a night out that no one could really remember, lots of cheese, meat and bread, and plenty of vin chaud for aprés ski.

As the week went on though, we started over-indulging less and heading to bed a little earlier as we become more and more tired from the day’s pursuits. Now this is pretty common for me on a ski holiday, but this year, I started to notice some different feelings.

My boobs became more swollen and a little more tender, and I wasn’t getting that ‘o-oh, my period is coming’ feeling. You know the one.

I wanted to read more into it, but thought it could just be physical aches and pains from skiing. Never-the-less, I cut back on booze just in case, and took it easier on the slopes.

I didn’t say anything to my husband as I wasn’t sure of anything at this point and didn’t want to get our hopes up yet, but having arrived home (now almost 2 days late) and still not got those feelings, I thought I had better take a test.

That was in the first week of February 2014. Eeeek.

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