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A gift guide with a difference

A gift guide with a difference

The first half term of a new school year and end of Halloween marks something very special.

The holidays are coming (whether you like it or not).


And so are the Christmas collections.

The windows have started to chance. Lights are being put up under the cloak of darkness.

Shops like John Lewis and House of Fraser now even have their festive shops in prime of place on their websites.

Which got me thinking about what on earth I might choose for friends and family.

This year, I am adamant that I want to be organised and not leave Christmas shopping to the last minute.

So I thought I’d get my act together and put together a gift guide.

A gift guide with a difference

This isn’t the usual gift guide for the sake of a blog post though.

This is hopefully a useful list of present ideas for those people who are particularly tricky to buy for.

You know the ones I mean; the vague teen, the friend who always sends you unusual and thoughtful gifts, and just your Dad.

The pregnant friend

The chances are, you’ll be reading this and at least someone you know is pregnant. They can’t have booze, might be overdosing in chocolate, and certainly don’t want any clothes. So what the heck do you buy for them?

I came across these lovely letterbox sized gifts from Post Boxed. I really liked the idea of the ‘Colouring as Therapy‘ gift box, especially if they are about to become a first time Mum. They need to make the most of all of their spare time while they can, and what better way than to do some colouring?

The best thing is that you won’t make your preggy friend trudge all the way to the post office to collect a gift that couldn’t be delivered while they were out.

The new parent

Another tricky person to buy for is a new parent.

They will be inundated with gifts for their new tiny human, and vouchers that they will probably spend on practical items.

What to get for just them?

When you have a baby, it quickly becomes apparent that you’ll need to set time aside to actually spend with your partner. I’m not a fan of the term “date night”, but I think the idea is right.

Something like a subscription box from Hello Fresh is a thoughtful idea. Their gift cards can be redeemed to give your friends everything they will need to make Instagram-worthy meals in the box.

The glamorous-puss friend

We all have one of these. They are the ones who do or don’t have kids, but regardless always rock up looking stylish.

Their hair, clothes and makeup are always effortlessly on point. They are the kind of person you’d actually hate, if only they weren’t so lovely.

In this instance, I’d resort to something like a Birchbox subscription box. This monthly delivery of little treats will keep your friend topped up with the latest products, without forking out on something they may not like.

Trust me, they’ll love it.

Toucan Box

The kid you don’t see often

This one can be particularly hard.

This is the friend’s child or relative that you don’t see very often, so you’re not exactly sure what they are into right now.

And we all know how quickly they can change their minds.

I love the idea of a monthly crafting bundle from Toucan Box giving children monthly activities to complete with their siblings or parents.

All kids like crafting, and this one encourages extra quality time too.

The difficult teen

I have one of these in progress at the moment; my nephew.

Having just started secondary school, he’s not really like the younger ones, but not at the awkward ‘Kevin the Teenager’ stage. I’m still none the wiser as to what he might like though.

Luckily though, he is a total bookworm. So whilst I could never keep up with what he’s reading, I came across the Willoughby Book Club that would mean he could select his own preferences.


The grandparent who has everythingTree to My Door

I never knew what to by my grandparents. No doubt they would end up with a new pair of slippers or box of their favourite sweets that they didn’t have to share.

They’d also end up with lots of flowers (the Nans), but they don’t last.

If I’d have known about Tree 2 My Door allowing me to order a plant or tree that would last longer, it could have saved a few pairs of socks!

I also really like the look of this Dear Grandad book, made up of questions for children to ask and learn about their grandparent’s life.

What recommendations do you have for making Christmas present buying a bit easier this year?

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Helen @talking_Mums

My parents are incredibly hard to buy for, I love the idea of the ‘Dear Grandad’ book. Fab gift guide x
Thanks for joining #stayclassymama

Mummy here and there

Fab gift guide and them toucan box’s looks perfect for a present for a child X #stayclassymama


Really helpful list! I love the idea of gifting a hello fresh box to new parents. We use Hello Fresh and it’s so convenient #stayclassymama

Lydia C. Lee

For some reason I can’t see the Birch Box picture (no doubt my end – I’m having a lot of tech issues at the mo) but it sounds perfect for a friend of mine. Off to google #Stayclassymama

Pat - White Camellias

Fab choices. I would love to receive a birchbox. Thank you for sharing with #StayClassyMama


This is a really great gift guide! I would LOVE a birch box subscription and the idea of crafts for kids is brilliant. Thank you for joining us at #ThursdayTeam Xxx