Go on a Thames river cruise – Things to do in London with a toddler #3

Go on a Thames river cruise – Things to do in London with a toddler #3

As part of our series of things to do in London with a toddler, today’s entry is to go on a Thames river cruise.

Now, the eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted that Lady P is wearing the same clothes in these photos as in another blog posts, so yep, hands up – you got me. We did this on the same day as we visited the Sea Life London aquarium.

Nevertheless, I think it is a good entry and an ideal activity to do with toddlers or even slightly older children (we did it once with my nephews who, at the time were aged 6,4 and about 9 months).

The weather was nice and dry one Sunday afternoon, so we headed down to the Southbank to partake in some messing about on the river.

As we were nearest to Festival Pier, we purchased 2 adult tickets from Thames River Services (other operators are available) for the circular sightseeing tour traveling from St Katherines Pier to Westminster Pier, taking in all of the sights along the way.

Note: If we had have planned it, we would have booked tickets online and saved about 4 quid. They have a voucher on their website for up to 50% off from selected piers too.

If you believe the website too, you apparently see a grand total of 77 London sights – helpfully pointed out by the funny voiceover man leading the trip.

So if you are like me and love water, you can just sit and learn a bit about London whilst trying to prevent your child from licking some railings.

What’s more, you can buy wine in plastic cups, change nappies, and have a wee onboard too.


The low down:

  • Website: Thames River Services
  • Prices: Various prices but book online for savings.
  • Location: Various piers on the Thames.
  • By lots of cafes and restaurants, but also has a probably overpriced bar and refreshments counter onboard.
  • Best way to get there: Very accessible by public transport. Check out their travel advice here.

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