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Health and Fitness: Signing up for The Body Coach plan

Health and Fitness: Signing up for The Body Coach plan

Why sign up for The Body Coach plan?

Regardless of your health and fitness regime, are you happy with your body image?

It’s no secret that I’ve never liked some parts of my body. I think that goes for most people, and definitely most women I know.

Too small here, too big there, can’t do anything about this bit, and so on…

The thing is, we are usually all being totally irrational, and actually, others would probably really like to have our bits instead of their own.

For me though, health and fitness have always shaped my life.

I had an eating disorder in my early 20s, and although I recovered, that way of life never truly leaves.

I’m always conscious of my eating habits and aware of my exercise routine. Only these days, it’s a lot more balanced.

I try to run as much as I can. When I can’t run, I do a HIIT workout at home. I like to make healthy food for me and my family. Generally, I’m doing all of the right things.

But I am still unhappy with the way some bits wobble!

So having had a couple of miscarriages in the last year, and generally feeling as though my overall health has suffered as a result, I’ve decided to target them.

I ummed and ahhed about signing up for The Body Coach plan.

You know, Joe Wicks that shouty fella from Essex.

OMG 😳 This sweet potato and chicken curry tastes unreal 🔥🙌🏽😍 #Leanin15 #foodie #food #recipes

A post shared by Joe Wicks #Leanin15 (@thebodycoach) on

If you’ve not heard of The Body Coach yet, this guy is apparently the 2nd most influential person in the food industry.

He started making 15 second cookery videos on Instagram and now has almost 2 million followers. He has 4 books, a YouTube channel of workout videos, and over 100,000 people on his plan.

I’d been a follower of his, making his food and doing his workouts, but always had an excuse for going for the whole hog.

The biggest excuse was that it cost almost £150.

150 quid! Are you nuts?

Joe Wicks is not only influential, he is now very RICH.

But then I thought about it.

I don’t like the way I look at the moment.

I’d seen some pretty genuine case studies of transformations.

I want to run a half marathon and could do with building more muscle for strength and stamina.

If I pay for it, I might actually stick with it.

So with plans of another baby on bit on hold whilst I undergo some tests, I decided the time was right. I want to get fit for me, and then I’ll feel stronger to tackle whatever comes our way next time.

I optimistically took my ‘before’ photos and paid my money.

A few days later, a large document was emailed to me with everything I’d need for the first cycle of the 90 day Shift, Shape and Sustain Plan.

After reading through it, it all makes sense. It’s not a diet, as such. There is no calorie counting (winner!). It is a lifestyle change that helps you to exercise smarter and fuel your body to burn fat better.

So how is it going?

My first thoughts were that I was going to need to plan ahead.

There’s no more “grabbing a quick sandwich” for lunch, or a bowl of sugary cereal rather than cooking for one.

It took a little while to work out which days I would exercise, and how I would eat for the rest of that day. I also had to plan how it would affect my family and the meals we’d eat together.

And of course, I had to shop for the right things; lots of protein, avocados and spinach until it’s coming out of my ears to name a few things.

But once I had got my head around it, it’s been fairly easy to integrate into our lives.

I mean, who wouldn’t want this stack of pancakes for breakfast?

protein pancakes

Watch this space!

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Heather Keet

I have a lot of friends who love this plan! #GlobalBlogging


oooh Good luck, I’ve met Joe wicks, he’s a dish, (see the play on words there?) I’ve got one of his cook books but I can’t do HIIT because of my disabilities 🙁

One Messy Mama

I’ve never heard of Joe Wicks, but yes, a stack of pancakes for breakfast… Who wouldn’t want that? Good luck! #globalblogging

kristin mccarthy

I have really upped my game too! Turned 35 and had four kids in six years. Wobbly bits galore. I run, do spinning and one day of hot yoga. Hoping for good things.

and that curry looks freaking ah-mazing!

Thanks for linking up to #globalblogging