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Diet: 10 thoughts you have when starting The Body Coach plan

Diet: 10 thoughts you have when starting The Body Coach plan

If you’re a regular reader of my posts, you’ll know that I recently began following The Body Coach 90 Day SSS plan.

As I said in my intro post to this new health and fitness plan, there’s a fair bit of stuff to get your head around initially. Once you’ve got past this stage though, you’ll be well on your way to great nutrition.

Like any new diet or training plan though, even if you love it, you’ll go through stages of how easy it will feel.

4 stages of dieting
We’re all human after all.

Cycle 1

The first cycle is all about fat burning and pumping up your metabolism.

The basic principles are:

  • Do 4-5 x 25 minute HIIT workouts per week ideally in the morning on a fasted stomach
  • Eat 3 meals (one carb recovery after exercise, the rest reduced carb) from the recipes in your plan document
  • Eat two snacks

I am enjoying the plan so far – mostly because I am already starting to feel better (now in week 3).

I’m having less sugar dips, carby cravings and feel as though the health and fitness plan is working for me.

I am definitely going through my own phases and thought processes though, so I thought I’d write them down as a help for others following it too.

Things I learned in week 1

  1. Planning. Working out when you will exercise, which foods you’ll eat afterwards and how the week will look for you is an absolute must. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. There is no way you will remember what you are supposed to be doing and which day!
  2. Shopping. You are going to need to plan your meals in advance and do a ‘big shop’. Basically, you’ll need a lot of eggs, avocado, spinach and a few ingredients like flax seeds that you may not have in the cupboard. So you need to do a list.
  3. Snacks. These are important, but I found these the hardest to work out. They too have to be planned. Goodbye cereal bar, hello hard boiled egg (see, I old you lots of eggs!).
  4. Tea and coffee. It’s advised to only have 2 cups of tea or coffee with a bit of milk each day. This is a killer for me as a tea lover! Instead drink loads of water and herbal teas such as decaf green tea.
  5. Weighing out. The recipes are worked out to help you get as much nutrition as you need, so you’ll do a lot of measuring out.
  6. CR vs RC. This stands for carb recovery and reduced carb. I like to add these abbreviations to my planner when working out the meals to make sure I have the right one at the right time, or this can get confusing.
  7. Alcohol. It’s a no-no, like most diets, but as Joe Wicks himself says, life is for living. If you have a binge, don’t beat yourself up; just get back on the wagon the next day.
  8. Measurements. You need to measure yourself at the start of the plan so that you can see the results. Don’t become obsessed with it, but it’s good to do to see your progress.
  9. 3 meals a day. I am guilty of skipping meals – usually because I am rushing between nursery pick ups or toddler groups. Make sure you eat 3 of the right meals each day – this is the only way you’ll have enough energy to keep going.
  10. Protein powder. This will not turn you into a beefcake. It is a key ingredient in the plan, and so far by adding it into my daily routine, I’ve lost almost 2kg in weight.

Are you following the plan? What did you learn in the first week?

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Musings of a tired mummy...zzz...

I admire the dedication of following a diet, I am lucky enough that I haven’t needed one because I try to balance food over the week so if I splurge one day I reduce the next and it evens out. #stayclassymama

Susie at This Is Me Now
Ah this is so interesting as I really considered doing it. But I’m pregnant now so maybe next year. I did buy his book earlier this year and got quite into it but I found some of the meals so meaty! And i think because of that the food bill was pretty expensive, but I suppose that’s the compromise. But I have no doubt that it’s a healthy approach. I think I got the wrong book though (the blue one when I should have got the red one) so I may look for that. I’ll be back to follow your… Read more »
Jenny (Accidental Hipster Mum)

Sounds interesting! I need something like this because I’ve got a lot of weight to shift, and fast! I’ve tried meal replacements before with low carbs and you just feel terrible. I could do with exercising, what HIIT workouts are you following? Should I be going on YouTube? I heard fitness blender is great.

Thank you for joining in with #StayClassyMama, I hope you can join next time!