Hello Canvas Review: Framed Prints

Hello Canvas Review: Framed Prints

The house project continues yet the walls continue to look bare.

It’s looking more like a gallery at the moment. A gallery that has been burgled.

Our walls need memories to be added to them.

We’ve all been there though haven’t we; we either have the right photo or the right frame. Never usually at the same time.

In my case, this usually then means I have a pile of photos and/or frames collecting dust for weeks.

So when I got an email from Hello Canvas offering me the chance to review one of their framed prints, I couldn’t have been more delighted.

I’d been meaning to get some more recent pics printed, but it was getting pushed down the ‘to do’ list more and more each day.

This was a great way to start to rectify that.

Hello Canvas framed prints

Hello Canvas

Hello Canvas takes the pain out of matching a photo with a frame and actually does it for you.

You upload the image and they send you your personal photo already in a picture frame. It really is that simple.

The images are printed on professional photo paper and framed in either black, white, oak and whitewash oak. The picture is protected by an acrylic sheet and you can add a mount if you’d like an extra touch.

Here’s what the room looks like before and after.


front room with no photo


The room is still bare, but it’s a start!

front room with photo

Tried and tested review:

This idea massively appeals to me. I like things to be uniform in the same or similar frames, and once I’ve started something, I like it to just be done.

The fact that I could order an array of photos without having the separate process of having to get it printed first, is a winner. I had a bit of a play with the online tool to upload and edit the crop, and it was super easy to get the finished item exactly how you’d like.

The only difficulty was in picking an image from my recent photos, and choosing which wall to hang it on.

The quality of the item is great. The picture was taken on my DSLR camera but I am still often dubious as to resolution when blowing something up so large. The image looks awesome. 

The frame is not as heavy as I’d have thought – made from a lightweight material and perspex rather than glass. In a house where we’re prone to breakages though, that’s a good thing!

I will definitely check out their other products to add some more artwork to our otherwise bare walls!

At a glance:

  • Price: from £19
  • Materials: photo paper, acrylic
  • Quality: medium
  • Gender: unisex
  • Available to order at Hello Canvas
  • Recommendation: high

Framed photo review


Please note, Hello Canvas provided the product free of charge but not in exchange for a positive endorsement. The opinions in this blog are based on my own experiences and in no way linked to those of Hello Canvas.

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Amy @ Arty apple

I need to update some pictures in our house. These look great x