How to pick a name for your blog

How to pick a name for your blog

You’ve decided to start a blog: check.

You’ve decided on a platform and theme: check.

You’ve even looked into the options of hosted vs self-hosted: check.

But what are you going to call it? How do you pick a name for your blog?This is probably one of the hardest decisions you’ll have to do when you start writing a blog, or when rebranding an existing one.

The name of your blog is the thing that you will build your brand around (if you are not already an established brand). It’s the thing that gives you an identity as a blogger, and makes your site stand out amongst the crowd. It’s the way people remember reading something from you as opposed to

So where do you start?

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What will you be writing about?

Write a list of topics that you think you might write about and collate the associated keywords to do with them.

Top tip, this will also help with SEO later down the line as you can optimise content around your blog’s categories to help your blogs get found on search engines.

For example, if you want to write reviews of products, write down words like tried and tested, mystery shopper, lowdown, insider, mole etc.

This task will start to give you an idea of a theme for your site. A name may just be waiting amongst that list.

Who will you be writing for?

What characteristics does your audience have? Are they men or women? Young or old? What sort of tv programmes do they watch? Where do they shop? And so on…

All of these factors will help you build up a persona of what your reader looks like. And if there is a particular person that you want to attract, consider that too.

For example, if you are writing about thrifty bargains or cheap and cheerful DIY hacks, don’t name your blog something generic that portrays the idea of luxury. Make it relevant to who you are trying to attract.

Where do you draw your inspirational?

What blogs do you read? What inspires you to start your own blog?

If you’re an avid follower of blogs you love, look at others within the category that you’d like to join. Look at their blog names, posts, words they use frequently, and even their own coined phrases. Learn from others.

I was reading a lot of mummy blogs about the journey from bump to baby when I found out I was pregnant, which was where air came up with my name for this blog.


How will you be writing it?

How will you write your posts? If you are a parenting blogger, will you write positively about your amazing experiences (yummy mummy style)? Will you offer a supportive perspective (been there and want to offer help)? Or will you write a tongue in cheek view of the not so glamours bits (slummy mummy esque)?

The tone of voice that you choose will reflect your whole brand style and your name should follow suit.

And then?

Once you’ve written a list of keywords and looked in depth at what might be your blog style, just start writing down ideas for your blog name.

Top Tip! Run them by a friend of family members for their opinions. Write it down as a URL to see if it makes sense without spaces. Check it’s available using a domain name provider. Check social to make sure the pages and profiles aren’t already taken.


Something else to consider is whether your brand needs its own identity or you already have one.

Plenty of bloggers think that you have to come up with a clever or cutesy name for your website. Wrong; you can just be yourself and build a successful brand using your own identity.

I’m not suggesting that you call your blog, but perhaps something like your family name, or a nickname will be just as good as something you’ve over-thought.

Good luck picking your name!

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kristin mccarthy

Great Branding Advice!

Janine Woods

It took me ages to come up with my blog name. I was originally going to go with neurotic mum but it just seemed a little too obvious and if I remember correctly it was already taken so I went with unhinged Mummy instead and although it’s kind of the same thing, I thought it had a better ring to it 😉

Janine Woods

Forgot to add, found your post on #stayclassymama

shaney (imummyblog)

Sometimes I wish I had really thought about my blog name. But I didn’t have these tips then so I just asked my 2 year old! #ablogginggoodtime

Jeremy Barnes

I’d add make sure that you are up on all the latest slang. I thought “thirstydaddy” was clever in a “why daddy drinks” sort of way. Turns out kids today have a much different definition for thirsty! #stayclassy

Jo - Mother of Teenagers

This is a useful prompt for people looking to set up a blog. I went through most of these thought processes when thinking about a name for mine but the strongest influencer for me was wanting a name that said very much what I did on the tin. Great post. #ablogginggoodtime


such a great post for people starting out – wish I’d read this then! I sat for ages and wanted to use a phrase that the children used a lot or a word that was very current for teens. they always used to say just saying at the end of everything they said so justsayingmum was born – I can’t imagine being anything else now, a year in, and could well imagine introducing myself as justsayingmum and not Helen! It’s amazing how quickly your blog name has an identity! #MarvMondays


It took me so long to pick a name. I went for a few before i settled on “bobsy’s mum”. Which is probably still not great, but it’s what i am! My son hates it, he’s all “why bobsy’s mum? not michaels mum?” But that’s just not as cute! However, i suspect when bobsy is older and says “mother stop calling me that, bob is a boys name!” she’ll hate it too!

Go with what feels right i say!


Fran Back With A Bump

This is a useful post. I struggled to think of a good name for mine for a while. I wanted Keeping Up With The Joneses but obviously it was taken, and so pregnant I picked mine which was a play on being back to blogging but also pregnant. Thanks for joining us for #marvmondays x

Life as Mum

It’s so hard to think of a blog name isn’t it. I remember thinking about it for days and eventually I got something that related to me and i’m glad I chose it.#MarvMondays

The Mum Project

Loving this post! I am in the midst of creating a website for mums and this has been the hardest part of my business plan so far. This post is coming at EXACTLY the right time, thank you so much for sharing I will be using these tips tonight! Thanks for sharing with #stayclassymama!