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Illuminate your baby’s nursery – Lighting ideas

Illuminate your baby’s nursery – Lighting ideas

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been lately, I’ve been busy having a baby.

New baby

My little boy joined the family in mid April, and despite my plans to carry on as normal, he’s had different ideas.

He’s a wonderful little thing, and as soon as he arrived, we all fell completely in love with him.

But boy, does he like cuddles!

Between him and his big sister, I’ve not had 5 minutes to really think about much else.

Nesting before baby

Luckily, I used my pre baby time to furnish, accessorise and add lights to his bedroom.

I became a bit obsessed with finding the right bits in the last few weeks of my pregnancy, and it’s a good job too. My brain currently resembles blancmange and I can’t be bothered to leave the sofa, let alone face a trip to IKEA…

So if you’re on the countdown to bringing home a new arrival and your nesting instincts have gone into overdrive, this post is for you.

In particular, I’m focusing on lighting options to suit different needs of your baby’s nursery.

General admin

For the first six months or so, your baby’s room will be mostly used for storage of all of their stuff. Clothes, nappies, gifts and other baby ephemera. So for cleaning and sorting the room out, you’ll need brighter lighting

Choose a lampshade that adds interest to your baby’s room, but doesn’t restrict the light given off.

I couldn’t find one that I liked, so I bought a plain ceiling light lampshade and added paper clouds.

A post shared by Rhian Harris (@fromtumtomum) on https://instagram.com/p/Bgxw4Rggt0C/

Nursing or feeding

When you are feeding in the small hours of the morning, it’s a fine balancing act to feed, wind, change a nappy and get the baby back to sleep as easily as possible.

Use a soft night light that’s just enough to see what you are doing but that won’t overstimulate baby.

Entertaining baby

As your baby develops, so will their sight. They will be able to process more, see further, and take greater interest in what’s around them.

Add string lights to the room to encourage them to focus on their surroundings – particularly useful when they start wriggling during nappy changes.

Calming down

Although the tantrum phase won’t show it’s face immediately, it will come! Having a way to calm a young child down, or helping them to self-soothe will be worth every penny.

Choose a lava or bubble lamp to distract and calm your child, but also provide a stimulus for sensory development.

These are just some ideas for how to light your baby’s room. What did you choose?

Disclaimer: This post was brought to you in collaboration with Lampenwelt. The opinions expressed are my own.

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