Is your baby going to turn out like you?

Is your baby going to turn out like you?

In my Dad’s father-of-the-bride speech on my wedding day, he talked about some of the personality characteristics that he and my mum spotted in me from a very young age. Apparently, I was focused and determined, loyal to my friends and family, and once I had made my mind up about something, very little could stop me from doing it.

I’m sure ‘pain in the arse’ might have also come into it at times, but he obviously thought better than to include that on my special day.

I was also recently chatting with my Mother-in-law about my husband and brother-in-law when they were babies, and she agreed that her and his Dad could also tell a lot about their personalities. Mr Tum was a very laid back baby that let most things go over his head, and Mr Tum-in-law was happy for everything to be done for him. Not a lot has changed there to be honest.

So what do you reckon, can you predict what your child will be like when they grow up?

As you know from my blog, I have an almost 7 month old baby girl. I used to think that all babies were pretty much the same when they were still shiny and new, and that they didn’t really exhibit personalities until they were at least 18 months old, but I am starting to see that I was pretty far off the mark on that one.

baby in a box

Pretty much the only way I can contain her at the moment.

This isn’t me just being a competitive Mum, but Lady P seems to be ahead of the curve in terms of physical development – rolling at 12 weeks, 2 teeth by 6 months, and already crawling and trying to stand as I type…

I can’t turn my back for a second without her trying to eat the DVD player or rugby tackle the waste paper bin.

And as we live in a townhouse, we have had to buy FOUR stair gates just to protect the cats from her little vice-like grip.

But obviously, I realise there is a difference between how she learns physically and how her personality will show through.

Going on the evidence from my parents and parents-in-law and what I have seen of Lady P so far though, I am predicting that she is also going to be one determined little madam – often using me as a climbing frame in order to get to what she wants. She has also started to make a fuss if I take something off her (likes her own way), and when she has had enough of something, she certainly lets me know (impatient).

My Mum keeps on telling me that I was like that as a baby and to look how I turned out, at which point I remind her that she is EXACTLY the same, so in fact I think I am also turning into her.

Which means… she is turning into a mini-me? Oh the teenage years are going to be fun…

Wish my husband luck!

Are your little ones showing any personality traits yet?





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