Jobs for parents: Teacher’s Aid, Review blogger & Babysitter

Jobs for parents: Teacher’s Aid, Review blogger & Babysitter

You won’t be alone if your life has changed beyond recognition since having children.

Perhaps you were once a high-earning career professional and still have an itch to keep working. You’re by no means alone. Millions of parents who put their career on hold to have a family want to finally get back to working in some capacity.

Questions, questions, questions

The thought of returning to work itself throws up a whole load of dilemmas though.

Should you rejoin the industry that you once left? Should you do something else? What are you good at? What will fit in around the kids? What will make you feel fulfilled? Does it matter? The questions are endless.

The answer all depends on what your free time schedule is like. If you’re still raising small children, then having flexibility is going to be key. If you have more free time, then perhaps a part-time job will work best. The question is should you base your job search on experience or ambition to learn something new?

Using your experience 

If you’re a parent that has seen it all and done it all, why not use your experience to help other parents?

Look for babysitting jobs that allow you to work flexible hours and on your terms. This gives you time for your own children and then you can help parents when you’re free. The best benefit is that you set your own rates and keep 100% of what you earn.

If you know you’re a great babysitter because you plan games, make food and can work flexible hours even into the night, then why shouldn’t you set your rates higher? Parents who live and work in the city especially need babysitters that can make dinner and put their kids to sleep as they work long hours. 

Remember that parents will look for the necessary qualifications such as being CRB checked and holding a child first aid certificate.

Without experience

Parents who would like to earn more money but would like a job that doesn’t require a lot of experience are hard-pressed to find anything solid. However volunteering to work at a school to help teachers in the classroom is always welcome. First you should try at your own children’s school as the teachers will know who you are.

Again, they will need to run a background check but apart from that, usually just need someone to help the children understand the lessons and do odd jobs. This could be making lunches for the kids, cleaning the classrooms of toys, helping disabled children and generally helping out on school trips.

Reviews helping parents

Affiliate marketing is something that anyone can do. For parents who want to work from home, you could set up a blog where you review items that you use for your own children.

By reviewing products you can work with brands and advertisers, while building up a trust base with your readers. This is something that you can do from home by setting up a blog and simply giving your honest feedback on products that you feel strongly about. Video content is also something to consider. By giving video reviews or making tutorials, you make content that gives visuals aids and instructions to fellow parents. Brands sometimes want parents to show their products working as well.

Parents have a lot of choices for working despite also raising their own children at the same time. Look for flexible work that allows you the freedom to set your own schedule. 

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