Lady P’s first family Pancake Day

Lady P’s first family Pancake Day

I generally eat quite healthily and exercise throughout the week, but my sweet tooth is definitely my downfall.

If there is one thing I love, it’s sweet treats. Omnomnom.

So when it comes to Pancake Day, I don’t need any excuse to eat my body weight in sugary goodness. 

Today wasn’t Lady P’s first Pancake Day, but it was her first since she has been eating solid food and has the ability to say ‘moooooore’ to let you know she’d quite like another helping, please.

pancake day

She’d been at nursery all day today, and apparently enjoyed some pancakes with fresh berries, so I thought we would treat her to a little sweetness for her supper.

The Gina Fordes and Annabel Karmels of the world would probably have had a fit to hear I bathed my child, got her ready for bed and then gave her some sweet food, but quite honestly, they can do one.

I am seriously rubbish at making them, but my husband is a great tosser (arf arf), so I had to wait for him to get home from work, which meant her routine saw a bit of a change tonight.

But hey-ho, we got to have an extra bit of fun together.

So armed with her wooden frying pan, she headed into the kitchen to watch Daddy do his flipping magic whilst wandering around shouting ‘na-naaa’.

I took from that that she wanted some banana, so I mushed up a ‘na-naa’ and added a teeny bit of honey inside a pancake for her to gobble. Slightly better than a load of sugar just before bed!

And she loved it.

So I guess sweet treats may turn out to be her downfall too.

Sorry, little Lady.

pancake day pancake day


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