How comfortable are you during the hotter parts of the year?

Maybe you like to hit the beach as often as possible, and take the kids with you, to really enjoy the sun and blue skies? Perhaps gardening is your thing? Or you might already have had enough of the heat and humidity and just want autumn to come along? 

The summer time can be very uncomfortable, both in and outside of the house. The heatwave we had last year was both amazing and a nightmare in equal measure – especially as I had a newborn who hated the temperatures.

It’s no secret that our summers are getting hotter and hotter, but unlike holiday destinations, we don’t all have air conditioning to help us deal with it. So it’s essential that we start taking steps to maintain that cosy and comfortable atmosphere that we’re used to.

Here are a couple of tips to help you cope with hot days (and nights) in your own home over the coming months. 

Keep the cool in

When it comes to maintaining a temperature, it can seem a lot harder to keep a house cool than it is to keep a house warm. After all, we’re all about making sure that our houses are energy efficient and insulated to keep us warm during winter!

So when the summer rolls around, how can you let heat out of the house?

You could get an air conditioning unit installed. There are even seals to put on the window, to make sure the unit’s heat is pumped out without making it unsafe for pets and kids. 

If you have a fan that has the option to set the blades spinning counter clockwise, make liberal use of this setting. Spinning in the opposite direction promotes better air flow in hot climates. 

Or you could get some blinds installed in the rooms you use the most, and keep them closed as often as possible. Blinds are usually white in colour, which means they’re great for reflecting the sun’s rays right back at it.

Keep the bugs out

The summer is also the time when the bugs come out in full, and if you’ve got windows and doors open, they’re coming in droves.

Besides getting pest control on speed dial, there are some steps you can take to get rid of them first. 

Try hanging bug nets over your windows and around your beds. Nets are great for catching bugs before they make it into your home, and for forming a barrier that still lets the air in. If you’ve got young children to worry about, a temporary bug net around their bed is a good second line of defence. Of course, it might take some getting used to!

So, how comfortable is your summer home? Is it a place you can relax, without drowning in nose sweat and frizzy hair? Let’s make it cooler! 

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