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Make the most of what you have got

Make the most of what you have got

Yesterday, I attended the funeral of a friend I had at school.

At just 35 years old, it is the unthinkable for his family, partner and friends.

In all honesty, I hadn’t seen him in about 7 years. We kept in touch via Facebook and sent the usual ‘Happy Birthday’ messages, commented on occasional posts,  and made the usual “we must meet up” gestures.

But as with most people, we never got around to it.

Sadly, the next time we’d have a get together, he wasn’t able to share it.

I don’t want this post to be about loss though.

I don’t want any sympathy. I am so very sorry that it has happened, but it’s not my loss. That is a privilege reserved for those that were closest to him.

I am writing this today to reflect on what it means.

He was a very talented man. Like, extremely talented.

The boy I knew from school, wasn’t like other kids. He was different, but he didn’t care.

Music was in his bones and languages were the blood that pumped through his veins.

I hear that in later years he pushed himself to do so much in his short life that most people won’t even get close.

Words were spoken yesterday that reminded me that this is what’s important.

Having an energy, being passionate, and striving to reach your goals. No matter how wild they may seem.

Not caring who thinks you can’t achieve them; believing in yourself.

Knowing what you are good at and being incredible at it.

You’re the only person that can do that. Nobody can do it for you.

I often question what I am doing and where I’m at. I know that I am happy and very lucky to have the life that I do, of course. But I guess having a family and putting them first can make us forget what we are really good at.

But I’d like to change that now.

I am going to try to be more organised with the spare time that I do have. I want to use it to its fullest and work towards those things that I’ve been putting off.

I want to concentrate my mind and efforts so that ‘not having enough time’ is no longer the excuse.

None of us have enough time, but time is the one gift we do have right now.

We are here and we can.

Let’s make things happen and make the most of what we have.

Thank you for showing me that, friend.

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Pat - white camellias

I think you are so right. It’s just so easy to take time anencephaly life’s itself for granted. We need to use our time wisely and make the most of it. Waiting time shouldn’t be an option (I feel like I do this all the time) thank you for sharing with #Stayclassymama