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What makes you feel fabulous?

What makes you feel fabulous?

I don’t normally go in for the pampering side of life. Not anymore anyway.

I used to; 2014 BC (Before Child).

I’d regularly get my nails done, wax on plan, have my eyebrows threaded, and couldn’t even say how much I used to spend on colouring my hair back in the day. Massages were a common occurrence and I’d buff and exfoliate every day.

But that’s all changed now.

I still make an effort to have nice hair and wear some kind of makeup each day, but the hours and hours of preening are long gone.

Perhaps it’s because I am more comfortable with a more natural look? Maybe I want to spend my money on other things? The chances are that I can’t be arsed, but most likely I just don’t have the time these days.

Whatever it is, I just don’t do it. Unless I have an occasion to, that is…

This year, I have been dressed up for a night out a handful of times. Yep, that’s proper Mum life, right?

It’s always the same. I resort to my old supplies of fake tan, nail varnish, and usually realise that they all needed restocking last year. But they’ll do.

“Can I really use this fake tan though? It’s actually turned GREEN.”

When my brother-in-law’s fancier than fancy wedding recently came around though, I went all out.

I think it cost me more to get ready for it than it did for my own wedding.

New dress, new shoes, new underwear, new makeup, new nail varnish, new hairstyle… the list goes on.

Of course I bought new fake tan (I didn’t fancy looking like a sprout on the pics).

I even invested in new eyelashes.

feeling fabulousI had them fitted in the most stressful appointment ever. My original lady cancelled the appointment I’d had booked whilst I had childcare, so I was forced to take Lady P with me.

Imagine laying down with your eyes taped shut, hearing your child say she needed a wee and wanted to change her clothes. Thankfully, the girl was amazing and also owned a toddler, so she was used to the challenges of getting anything done with a little one around.

Anyway, I digress. We all managed to survive somehow and I walked out feeling like a cross between a camel and a supermodel albeit slightly broken on the inside.

Once the initial impulse to fiddle with them had worn off though, I began to feel fabulous.

It soon sunk in that I don’t need to wear any makeup and already look a million times more glamorous. Just from having longer eyelashes. Who’d have thought?

So feeling fabulous is getting beauty treatments?

Now, I am not for a second suggesting that you can only feel good about yourself of you undergo some kind of superficial beauty treatment. Believe me, if I’d read a post saying that I’d have thrown something at my laptop.

What I am saying is that by spending some time (and money) on myself, I remembered that I am important. I remembered that I actually had that beauty regime because I liked it.

I liked the way that it used to make me feel. It’s not about being vain, it’s about me doing something that I like (and not just being a Mum who always wears wipe-clean Lycra).

I am a devoted Mum, and would never change that, but I am also entitled to look how I’d like to. After all, by being a Mum, we all sacrifice a lot of the person that we used to me (willingly, of course).

By feeling just a bit more glamorous, I feel more confident and like my ‘old self’. I want to be that person for my daughter.

what makes you feel fabulous?

Perhaps it’s not about looks to you. Perhaps it’s about the hobby you haven’t made time for. Or about spending more time creating culinary masterpieces instead of the usual 5 meals you always stick to. Or maybe it’s about feeling good about your job. Whatever it is, the simple act of doing something you enjoy can remind you that you are worth it.

And you are. You’re totally worth it.

So do me a favour and make a little time to do something that you like this weekend, will you?

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I get my nails done every few weeks and my hair is my main investment (it needs a lot of dying and taming!) as well as waxing etc because it makes me feel good. I just don’t feel like me when I’m not on top of these things so like you say, it’s so important whether it be your hobby or getting your bits waxed. I did let it go for a few years when the kids were tiny and I felt rubbish. A little me time makes me a better mummy #stayclassymama

Lucy At Home

What a great post! I have also cut out a lot of my BC beauty regime, but I am determined to keep putting makeup on every mornings because it is my 10 minutes out of the whole day to spend on myself! And it makes me feel like I’ve been looked after a little. P.S. Your eyelashes are gorgeous in this! #stayclassymama


It’s difficult when you become a parent but it’s nice to hold onto a bit of your former self and look after yourself great read #bestandworst

Sarah Howe

So get this. Now and then i get my nails done. I like to wear makeup and treat myself to new clothes. I think it’s important to look after myself and feel good! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

The Mum Project

Yes! We should pamper ourselves a little bit more, or at all. So funny as I just mentioned to my other half that we should plan a pamper weekend together and get massages and stay in a hotel for a good night’s sleep. This has motivated me to do it now, I am booking this TODAY! Thanks so much for sharing with #StayClassyMama!

Musings of a tired mummy...zzz...

I have just started wearing regular make up again to try to feel like me rather than just M, A or Z’s mum #bestandworst