Why I am not bothered about greetings cards

Why I am not bothered about greetings cards

I am pretty organised when it comes to important dates.

I bulk buy the year’s important birthday cards in one go. Everyone’s birthdays or wedding anniversaries are in my phone calendar. Each event has a reminder 2 days before so that I can remember to send the card and/or present, and also on the day so that I can wish the person a happy day.

The recipient addresses are also in my phone so that if I get caught out, I can send one on the go whenever the reminder pings.

When it comes to my own birthday though, I couldn’t care less whether I get a greetings card or not.

Too old?

I think I’ve just outgrown them.

Gone are the days where I felt that receiving cards was a sign of my popularity.

All they do now is just remind me that I am getting older. Or that since last birthday I’ve still not seen the sender like we said we would in the last card.

Whilst I am always grateful when I do get cards and presents, a text message would do.

Greetings cards actually get on my nerves

Yep, you did read that properly. I find cards to be irritating for a number of reasons.

  1. They stress me out – The bulk buying stresses me out when I am trying to remember everyone’s dates and ages. I have also mislaid them in the house just when I need them too.
  2. I might not get the ‘right one’ – A card is a card, or so I thought. Apparently in other families (my in-laws), a card has to specifically address ‘Mummy’ or include flowers, and can never just be a blank one.
  3. They require posting, like, NOW – A written card on the kitchen surface that needs to get that day’s post puts me on edge until it is safely in the post box.
  4. They clutter up the house – Just another thing I have to remove my address from and eventually put in the recycling. And when the cat keeps knocking them over… Grrrr.
  5. People actually read them – I am all for the gesture of remembering someone on a special day, but I can never think of anything interesting to write. The usual “have a great day” is pretty standard.
  6. I might write them messily – Or worst, misspell another word hastily thinking of something to write.
  7. You risk hoarding them – I have a few cards that I want to keep; first Mother’s Day, wedding cards etc. but the risk is that you want to keep them all, and then what? Another box up the attic.

I’ll still send them though

If you’re reading this and thinking that I will never send you a card again, that’s not the case.

I’m not really bothered about receiving them, but I know that some people really them.

And when it comes to Lady P, like my Mum does with me, I’ll always send her a card.

The excitement at opening another Elsa or Peppa Pig card is worth overcoming the 7 points I make above. I’ll never find it to be a chore to send her one.

But I want her to know that she doesn’t have to send me one. As she gets older, if she forgets or misses the post, it’s really OK.

There will be no ‘cardgate’ fallouts.

I’m all for online birthday cards instead. They can be done last minute and place less of a burden on my recycling bin!

Or of course, I’d always love to receive a card she made out of paper, glue and handprints for as long as she wants to make me one.

handmade card

The beautiful card I was presented with this Mother’s Day.

Are you a ‘card person’?

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Intrepid bebe

YES! I was fanatical about cards. i drilled into my husband that the card was more important that the present. It was the heartfelt bit. But the poor guys is pretty confused now I just cannot be bothered with them. They get in the way, then i feel bad binning them. But seriously, where do I store 32 years of birthday cards?? #blogcrush


I always think the same about cards! There so bloody expensive and people just throw them away after s couple of days. I still buy them though!! ???? #BlogCrush

Lucy At Home

I do birthday cards but I don’t do Christmas cards. I hate it when people send me Christmas cards and then don’t speak to me for the rest of the year (even though we live in the same street or whatever). It just seems so pointless to me, and I can put that wasted money to good use! But like you, I wouldn’t be bothered if I didn’t get a card. Presents are quite a different story though! Haha #blogcrush

Amy @ Arty apple

I am SO not a card person. I think they are a waste of money and usually the wording in cards is way more mushy than I’d ever be in person.

five little doves

I’m not bothered about cards but I do like to have hand made ones by the kids for mothers day and birthdays. It’s just a piece of card otherwise that goes in the bin, Id happily never send cards again but not everyone feels that way !#TwinklyTuesdays

Angela Watling (Life, Motherhood and Everything)

Hello fellow card-disliker! I’m so pleased to hear I’m not alone. I don’t like the waste of card. I hate the clutter. And they are expensive. I’d rather buy someone some chocolate or something. But for daughter, yes she’ll get cards because as a kid they are magical! Plus my in laws are big card people so I have a duty there too. *sigh* #MarvMondays

Our Cherry Tree

Yep! I hate the thought of throwing away cards from family members and never throw cards away from the kids – even if I don’t like them! I’m not very good at sending them either so I don’t expect many to arrive! #TwinklyTuesday

Musings of a tired mummy...zzz...

I hate cards. My mum also gets really stressed: what is the point of getting a card with some nonsense inside about having the best day ever when the recipient is having a miserable time (for example for my grandmother who lives in a home and has crippling arthritis)? I send them to older relatives who expect them and to children but others get a (cheap) blank card. #stayclassymama


I am the worst for cards! I always buy them, write them and then completely forget to send them! #MarvMondays

Lisa (mummascribbles)

God yes!! I do like receiving them really but with the majority of them now, I don’t get that excitement of opening them! And I am utterly rubbish at sending them! Sometimes they are late and sometimes they don’t make it at all! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

My Petit Canard
You know, I was always one of those people that actually liked receiving birthday cards, like it used to mean so much. But since becoming a mum its meant less and I only realised when reading your post. All the above points are things that annoy me too! The only people that I’m really bothered about actually receiving a card from these days are the little ones and Mr. Mostly because I like to see their little messages in them. But if no one else got me one I really wouldnt be bothered and for some weird reason that feels… Read more »
Pat - White Camellias

I’m Portuguese and in Portugal there is no tradition of sending and receiving cards. In fact if I have never seen a decent card for sale. So i’m totally with you when it comes to cards. I actually feel like they are a waist of money and paper because they always end up in the recycling. I must prefer someone calling me or sending me a nice message if I’m honest. Thank you for sharing with #StayClassyMama

Crummy Mummy

I like a good card – both buying and receiving! #twinklytuesday