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Pancake day ideas for toddlers

If you visited the food shops over the weekend, you’ll probably have noticed strategic placements on the ‘power aisle’.

Lemon juice, flour mix and topping ideas.

It’s not a coincidence either seeing as today is Shrove Tuesday.

Or if you’re a Mum, probably more commonly referred to as Pancake Day!

What is Shrove Tuesday?

Otherwise known as ‘Pancake Day’, Shrove Tuesday takes place each year exactly 47 days before Easter Sunday.

The idea is to use up rich indulgent foods before Lent begins the following day.

So if you’re a bit confused about why it seems early this year, it’s because Easter is falling at the beginning of April.

The weekend where we eat out body weight in chocolate.

Last year I gave up chocolate for Lent. As I’m 30 weeks pregnant this year though, it won’t be happening. It’s a major food group for me right now.

I still fully intend to abuse the excuse to eat scrummy pancakes for tea though!

Are they healthy for toddlers though?

The good news is, pancakes are really versatile. They can be served up as a sweet treat, savoury meal, or healthy snack for little ones.

In fact, my daughter has suggested that we eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner tomorrow.

I guess it’s doable!

Here’s the recipe I’d normally follow:

  • 100g plain flour
  • 2 large eggs
  • 300ml milk
  • 1 tbsp sunflower or vegetable oil, plus a little extra for frying

Whisk the flour, eggs, milk, 1 tablespoon of oil and a pinch of salt into a bowl or large jug until it becomes a smooth batter. Over a medium heat, carefully wipe a medium pan with some oiled kitchen paper. When hot, pour in enough batter to make a thin pancake and cook for 1 min on each side until golden.

Toddler’s breakfast pancakes

If this is your little one’s first introduction to pancakes, why not whip up a breakfast that can be eaten with cutlery or fingers.

Less of a traditional pancake, but perfect for big or little tummies, my easy banana pancakes are naturally sweet so there’s no need to add any additional sugar.

banana pancakes

Healthy sweet treats

Make a batch of thin pancakes and chop up your child’s favourite fruits to let them roll up and gobble down.

pancake day

If you have a slightly older nipper at home, why not get them involved in the prep too? With adult supervision, let your child chop, mash and spread their own toppings to construct their own healthy or sweet treats.

Savoury pancakes

If you want to limit sweeter treats, you could try savoury pancakes served up as a family meal. Make the same simple pancake recipe and add pre-cooked fillings such as ham and cheese, spinach and ricotta, smoked salmon or a poached egg.

In fact, it’s commonly known than getting fussy eaters involved in the preparation of their own food can help to encourage them to try new foods.

What is your pancake topping of choice?

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