Paper plate craft: Air balloon

Paper plate craft: Air balloon

Summer is coming, but don’t be misled into thinking it’ll all be days out in the sun.

This is Great Britain we are talking about!

Those rainy days still happen, and recently they’ve been coming without much warning.

So with the recent unpredictability of these ‘heat waves’, I recently became a bit obsessed with paper plate crafts. And of course, you can’t just by 10. You have to buy packs of 50.

You won’t be surprised to hear then, that we’ve been doing quite a lot of paper plate craft!

Thanks, Pinterest for the inspiration.

One of my favourite things we have made though, is the hot air balloon.

Making the paper plate air balloon

This craft activity is really simple, and you can literally use whatever you have got in the craft box. It’s a perfect rainy day activity for any age! Lady P loved choosing all of the materials and colours to make this beauty.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Draw curved vertical lines from top to bottom of the plate to create segments.

draw lines to create segments

  • Use scrunched paper, cotton wool, buttons, glitter and whatever else you can find to stick them on within the lines of the segment do decorate your balloon. I used PVA craft glue for this so make sure you leave plenty of time to dry.

Fill the segments of the air balloon

  • For the basket, cut out some thicker cardboard into a squarish shape and make 2 holes in the top on each side. Decorate it with stickers or gems as Lady P did (leftover from previous card making).
  • Thread some wool or string through and sticky tape them onto the back of the balloon so that It dangles below.

make a basket

  • Lady P wanted to put some people in hers, so using some old stickers we had, I stuck them onto paper and cut around it, securing them facing our onto the basket south some glue or tape.

people in the balloon basket

And there you have it. Your very own paper plate air ballon!

paper plate craft

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Kerry at Don\'t Drop The Baby

That is such a lovely idea, I actually have to make a paper plate mask of a lion today for my daughter’s music class…Pinterest here I come! #StayClassyMama

Eva Katona

This looks easy and such good fun at the same time! Winner! #stayclassymama


Perfect! I have paper plates, various sticky things and a cardboard box! We have lift off ….

Imperfect mum

Thank you for the idea this looks great! I will pin this for our transport topic at school. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime ????

hayley balozi

My son will love doing this! Thanks 🙂

Multicultural Motherhood

This is such a cool craft! I love how you’ve used different craft supplies for the different stripes. My kids love hot air balloons so will definitely be trying this. I think they will look great hanging from the kids bedroom ceiling! #brillblogposts

Mummy here and there

What a fab idea, I love the fact you hang it up on display on the ceiling X #ablogginggoodtime

Musings of a tired mummy...zzz...

Nice to have something so bright and colourful plus can be hung from the ceiling for display #stayclassymama

The Mum Project

Omg this is amazing! I don’t know if mine would look as great I’m not as crafty but I am super impressed that you thought of this ???????? thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama!