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Potty training diaries: Going for it – The nappy is off!

Potty training diaries: Going for it – The nappy is off!

Potty training from the front line – Taking the nappy off

OK, it’s here – the week we take the nappy off.
potty trainingGetting ready to potty train has been fairly painless so far.

I dug out the potty, worked out how to stop the toilet seat from moving about, and stocked up on pants and Dry Like Me pads.

I am pretty sure she is ready to try – especially as she will quite happily sit on the potty and loves her new Peppa Pig pants.

Perhaps a little too much when they also became her new headwear. What can I say? She really is a trendsetter.

So once I had shown her which ‘end’ the big girl pants were supposed to be worn, it was time to go for it.

I realise that Lady P is still younger than the average child to potty train, so I was expecting a bit of a bumpy ride, but I figured I have committed to Potty Training Live now so time to give it a go.

We’re taking the nappy off…

potty training toddlerWe got up as usual, I gave her her milk and told her that once she had finished it, we were going to get dressed and put her big pants on.

She totally bought into this, telling me “no mo’ nappies, Mummy”.

I’d like to think she meant it in a kind of ‘mo money, mo problems’ gangster kind of way. Eat your heart out Biggy.

I placed the pads into her pants, which she seemed genuinely excited about, and I prompted her to sit on the potty every few minutes when I could see she wanted to go.

Unfortunately, she didn’t quite make it a few times and had little accidents, but I have to say, the potty training pads helped massively to catch the wee.

When a friend and her son came over, I ditched the pants and let her run around with her bottom half out trying to catch her before the puddles appeared.

The day was much the same and I started to think that perhaps it was a bit early, but then as if by magic, she did a wee (in her potty behind the curtain).

Woo hooooo! High-fives and stickers all around!

We followed the routine of wee down the toilet, saying ‘bye bye’ to it and washing hands.

I popped her in a nappy for bed and off she went.

And then?

The rest of the week has been a bit hit and miss to be honest.

Nursery days – I know… Not ideal, right? She woke with a dryish nappy and did a wee on the potty. On the first day, I explained to her and the nursery that she had started potty training but they’d called me at 10.30am to say she had had 6 accidents and was on her last pair of pants. I didn’t like the thought of her weeing and didn’t want her to get a bad connection to it, so I said they could put a pull up on her but asked them to keep trying all day.

I realise that this would confuse her a bit but thought it was the only thing I could do for those days. It’s a new nursery because we have just moved house, so I think she’s going to take a bit more time to know the girls well enough to ask for the potty.

At home – I continued to try to do the routine. We had a good stretch of 4 days with no nursery so I tried to make headway in order to get her used to it. Lots of being asked for ‘potty time’, rewarding her with stickers, pants and pads on as well as naked time too, and making a bit fuss if she tried.

What have I learned so far?

  1. I probably started on the wrong day. I should have started it as the beginning of our 4 days at home together rather than on days that are broken up with nursery.
  2. Putting a nappy back on is confusing.
  3. Activities on the potty or toilet are the way forward. Lady P loves reading, so we have spent a long time letting her do that whilst trying, just to keep her there long enough.
  4. Lots of drinks. Not only to keep her hydrated in the warmer weather, I’ve been offering more drinks in the hope that she needs to go more often!
  5. Watching TV shows to do with toilet training. This episode of ‘My First Potty‘ is on loop at the moment. As is our new song…

Tinkle tinkle, little wee wee. Penelope wants you in the potty.

Whatever works!

Potty Training Live is free to sign up to and starts on Monday 24th July 2016. Sign up at pottytraininglive.com

That’s me sorted for the next few weeks then… #pottytraining #rewardcharts #stickers #toddler @drylikeme

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16 Comments on "Potty training diaries: Going for it – The nappy is off!"

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Ive never heard of potty training pads before. Something to remember for when we reach that point! it sounds like you might be making headway though #thelist

One Messy Mama

Oh gosh I need to start this soon. ! I’m a little nervous. 3 kids done and this is my last one.. Not sure why I am so nervous about it! 🙂 Maybe I should wait for winter, when its snowing and I can’t go anywear…. #ablogginggoodtime

Kath Scorer

oh i feel your pain. I so need to do this but after doing it once with my 5 year old im really struggling to gee myself up to it and know i need a good stretch at home which is tricky with an older one through the summer holidays.
good luck and remember you can do it – when their 15 they wont be wetting themselves anymore!! (hopefully!! lol) #picknmix

Madeline (This Glorious Life)

Potty training is on my to-do list this summer, I’m just gearing up to go for it! We do have some of those pads though, that I bought for my son but didn’t use, so will dig them out I think, hearing that they worked for you! x #TheList


Potty training pads sound interesting. Good luck in the journey. #PicknMix


It’s a tricky time! No tips but wishing you the best of luck I’m sure you will crack it soon. Thanks for linking up to #thelist xx


Eat your heart out Biggy. That had me laughing..funnily enough my best friends little girl Penelope is also nicknamed lady P and just started potty training so I read this and had to smile. I hear those pads are very good. I recall the potty training time well, we waited till much later with my little man as he was just not interested and liked to wee in pot plants..It is hard when nursery routine breaks things up, we wish you the best of luck! Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime xx

A Cornish Mum

My boys are 10 and 12 and I still remember the potty training days, I found it an absolute nightmare! I am hoping things go more smoothly for you 😉

Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

Stevie x