Read with Fonics reading app review

Read with Fonics reading app review

What are Phonics and why are they important?

Before I even had kids, I’d heard of ‘phonics’ but wasn’t really sure what they were.

If you are reading this and too don’t have a Scooby, a brief description of phonics is:

Phonics is proven to be the most effective method at teaching children to learn to read as it simplifies the English language down into just 44 sounds. Children therefore ‘decode’ words by breaking it down into it’s sounds rather than having to memorise 1,000’s of words individually.

Phonics breaks words up into the smallest units of sound (phonemes) such as such as “ough” in “dough”. Letters, or graphemes are then taught e.g. to represent these phonemes and also learn to blend them into words.

Now, I come from a family of teachers so I’d heard about phonics before my Mum retired. I didn’t really pay much attention at the time though – I was about 25 years old and had no kids. I was too busy getting drunk.

Now that I have a preschooler though, school ratings, results and curriculum are of a lot more interest.

So when I was approached by Fonics Schools to try out and review their new app, Read with Fonics I interested to find out a bit more.


Read with Fonics

The Read with Fonics website and app is a new offering created by a primary school teacher as a complete classroom resource to help to teach children to read.

The app teaches all the phonics sounds in a fun and interactive way through a series of 7 or 8 games that get progressively harder each time.

phonics games

Split up into four ‘worlds’ (water, forest, lava and jelly), the child guides Albee the alien exploring each, playing games along the way.

Every time a sound is learnt, another gets unlocked, encouraging children to progress to the next one. The app uses a scoring system where points are picked up along the way, rather than market out of 100.

phonics gamesTried and tested review:

Lady P has played with this app on and off for a while now. She isn’t one to use the iPad a lot – it tends to be something we give her when we are trying to get dressed, waiting for appointments or to stop her from falling asleep in the car. So she’s dipped in and out of the games depending on what mood she is in.

toddler playing on the ipad

She has enjoyed doing the activities and progressed through the letters within the worlds. I was actually quite surprised at how quickly she understood what she needed to do, although she did need a bit of guidance at first. Once shown though, she was able to carry on and did so.

Bear in mind however that she’s not yet 3 years old, I think she is a bit young to fully ‘get’ this app yet. 

I feel that it would be better suited to an older child; children of school age who have already had exposure to the phonics concept would get more out of the activities. Saying that, the activities are colourful and certainly interactive, so I think it would be a good app as an additional aid or game for parents to help younger children with.

At a glance:

  • Price: from free with paid for options
  • Materials: n/a
  • Quality: n/a
  • Gender: unisex
  • Available on the app store – more information on the website
  • Recommendation: For older children entering school soon or in early years education

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Catie: An Imperfect Mum

Oh thanks for sharing this. This might be good for our school too we have been looking for new apps for Year 1. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime ????

Pat - White Camellias

This app sounds great. I used phonics to teach reading when I was still teaching and this app seems to make it fun and simple for the children to learn. Thank you for sharing with #StayClassyMama

Alana - Burnished Chaos

This looks great, I love apps that entertain the kids but are also educational too. My son didn’t have much exposure to phonics before he started school and it threw him a bit to begin with despite having a vocabulary of a kid twice his age, so I’m hoping to start introducing it to my youngest soon so that she has a basic understanding.


This sounds like a great app for helping young children to start learning how to read. I love that it is based around a little alien exploring different world’s. Xx #blogcrush

Amy @ Arty apple

using apps like this is great especially for pre schoolers. I still get my little girl who is in reception to play with apps like this. Massive help x