How to ruin Father’s Day by a crazy toddler

How to ruin Father’s Day by a crazy toddler

Father’s Day is traditionally an occasion to tell your Dad how much they mean to you. Although we should do that every day, it’s officially a day when, if he’s lucky, Daddy will get to lie in and maybe also get breakfast in bed.

Adding a toddler into this situation however can change things slightly.

How to ruin Father’s Day, by a crazy 20 month old toddler

Step 1 – Tell him what his present is

Granted, telling your Daddy that you love him shouldn’t just be about gifts, but if you’re feeling super generous, it’s a nice thing to do.

I ordered my husband a pair of Toms shoes from Lady P as a gift but made the mistake of telling her I’d bought them, to which she copied, “Daddy red shoes”.

In that moment, a thought crossed my mind that as she picks up more and more words each day, I’d probably need to start keeping a bit of information back from her to prevent her from broadcasting all of my secrets to the world.

So naturally, as he walked in from work that day and as she got ready for nursery the following morning, “Daddy red shoes” was announced on repeat.

Luckily he thought she was talking about her red shoes.

red shoes

Step 2 – Make and wreck his card

As a self-proclaimed craft addict, I am over the moon that Lady P is starting to take an active interest in painting, making and sticking activities.

We set about making Daddy a card for Father’s Day, involving far too much glue, fuzzy balls, glitter and stickers that Lady P was so excited about (once it had eventually dried out).

Obviously then, the best thing to do would be to pick the bits off it and draw all over it in biro pen before he’d even received it.

father's day card

Step 3 – Ruin his lie in

Being the kind wife that I am, I decided to let my husband have a lie in on Father’s Day. So I took Lady P downstairs without waking him (at 7am when she woke up).

While we were there, I taught her to say “Happy Daddy’s Day”, which turned out to be another mistake…

After an hour and a half of “Happy Daddy Day”, she decided she wanted to go upstairs to see Daddy.

So in she strides, pushing the door so that it banged on the wall, walking straight up to his face to say “wakey wakey Daddy! Happy Daddy Day!” at the top of her voice.

At 8.30am – so much for a lie in!

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