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SEO planning for your blog

SEO planning for your blog

Have you ever read content around SEO planning and thought, “I don’t need that, I just have a little blog”?

Well it’s time to think again.

Whether you run a ‘little blog’, an online magazine, or a multi-million pound ecommerce website, you should think about SEO planning.

As the old saying goes, fail to plan and plan to fail.

That sounds a bit harsh, I realise. Your blog will not fail, but it might not be as successful at driving traffic through search engines as it could be.

The strength of search engine optimisation for your blog relies on a well thought through strategy focussing on both on- and off-page SEO.

Read on to find out about SEO planning in a *hopefully* non-techie way that’ll make your eyes bleed…


Steps to laying your SEO planning

  • Determine your goals

Before you start to write any posts, think about what you are trying to achieve. Perhaps you want to attract a new audience, or change someone’s opinion on a particular point. Even if your post is to attract more brands and paid work, it’s worth keeping this in mind in advance so that your content is relevant to that goal.

  • Work out who you are trying to attract

Loyal readers, new readers, influencers, fellow bloggers, brands. Whatever your goal was, think about who you are writing for.

  • Identify your priority keywords

Keywords or key phrases relate to the queries people type into search engines. Whilst you should never keyword stuff, keywords should be at the heart of your SEO strategy. All the keywords that you target should try to accomplish the same or very similar goals. Optimise your blogs around the most relevant keywords.

TIP! Scroll to the bottom of this post for some tips on picking your keywords.

  • Know what your competitors are ranking on

Conduct a bit of research and ask yourself:

  1. Who else is ranking on the keyword? Read other blogs and articles
  2. How could your content provide something different or unique? Don’t copy what they are doing, but look at how and what they have written about
  • Answer a question 

Search engines exist to provide users with results to their search queries. It makes sense that if your blog answers a specific question not only will it have a better chance of being indexed, but it will also add more value to readers. The more it provides to the audience, the more it will be shared.

Helping you pick your priority keywords

Action – Pick around 10 top keywords most relevant to your content, product or service.

keywordsUse Google’s Keyword Tool to understand competition for those keywords, but also identify variations of the key phrases that are most relevant.

TIP! This is a tool for people that spend money on PPC ads. My tip is to sign up for an Adwords account and start a campaign (you’ll need to add a credit card), but you can immediately pause it and never spend a penny. You still get access to the tools.

Be as specific as possible with long tail keywords e.g. rather than ‘mummy blogger’ go for ‘mummy blogger in south london’, and focus on those with lower competition.

The tool will display search volume and competition for each keyword so that you can spot the obvious opportunities, but also where optimisation will be more difficult.

Go for quality rather than quantity keeping your list to 10-15 keywords, but continuously review this set as your blog grows and changes.

Remember – optimising around less keywords well is better than optimising around too many badly.

And of course, don’t forget to install Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools onto your blog site for richer insight.



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I love the idea of doing a more focused review of what my competition are doing well, or not so well, by their google rankings – thanks! #stayclassymama

Sinead (shinnersandthebrood.com)

Always so much to learn about SEO. Pinning this one. #stayclassymama


Oh this is so helpful and though I’ve been blogging for over a year I have avoided looking into what SEO is – truth be told I’m a little scared of it but your article is so clear and helpful I’m going to come back again and again to learn from it – thank you so so much for taking the time to write and to share! #ablogginggoodtime just followed you on instagram too lovely xx


I have saved this page! I am so baffled by the whole thing and know I need to understand a bit better! thanks for the tips


I fear I’ll never quite get my head around seo or keywords. Thanks for the tips though, I’m going to try it out!


Great post. It’s scary how much you need to learn – and no doubt we all started this thinking it was as simple as typing something up and hitting publish! #ablogginggoodtime

Amy & Tots

Very handy post, thank you! I suck at SEO! #StayClassyMama

Annette, Four Acorns

This is going to be so helpful when I start looking into SEO properly – still so many things to get my head around re blogging. Thanks for writing this, it’s going in my bookmarks right now!

Nicole - Tales from Mamaville

Still getting my head around SEO!!! Useful tips there, thanks much


Thanks for this. I really need to work on my SEO so I’m bookmarking this #BlogCrush


A really good post and it will be saved for when I get some time to sort my SEO out! Thanks x

jade the parenting jungle

You have such a clear and founded understanding it is amazing, I just kind of randomly pick keywords out of the air. I am totally going to get the tools you advised. Thank you for linking to #stayclassymama xx

Fiona Cambouropoulos

SEO is so important for me, I spend most of my time between my website and my blog SEO. When my website moved to wordpress last year the company that did it lost all my SEO and I’m still wading through old posts trying to put this right from labeling photos again to keyword focus. #MarvMondays

Muffintopmummyblog blog

I’m on the edge of making the leap to a self-hosted blog, so although this is a little in the future, these are great tips that I’ll be coming back to once it’s up and running! #marvmondays

Fran Back With A Bump

I’m clueless to SEO so thanks for this. Thanks for joining us for #marvmondays

Life as Mum

It’s always great to learn more about SEO #MarvMondays

Sam - Stressy Mama

This is brilliant. Really really helpful. I’ll be saving for later and re-reading it! Thank you.

Jo Penhaligon

Great tips, and thank you for providing a link to the tool. I’m of fun to do some research. #marvmondays


Amazing tips as always hun. The whole keyword thing has always confused me, never thought to look into what other bloggers are doing well/not so well. Really useful post, thanks for linking it up with us to #BlogCrush xx

Katie Davis

Some great tips here – i definitely need to get more focused on this!!
Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime

Susie at This Is Me Now

Thanks for this – i have been stuck for months with google adwords wanting me to do a campaign but now i know to add card details and pause Ill get on it. I’m slowly going through old content and trying to SEO it, so time consuming and hard though!! #ablogginggoodtime

All this SEO stuff goes right over my head, however I’m a bit curious to see what my keywords should be. And I never even thought about my “competition” – didn’t realize we were all competing! Funny, I started my blog just for myself as a way to journal about my kids and family, and then before I knew it I got sucked into the blogging world and people started following my blog and it’s grown much more than I had planned. I really DO need to look in all this SEO stuff and stop letting it intimidate me. Thanks… Read more »
Hayley @ Mission: Mindfulness

Great points – especially about specific key terms with a longer tail. Thanks. #globalblogging

One Messy Mama

I am so bad at planning… Oops #globalblogging

Mummy and the Mexicans

I really have to dedicate some time to understanding SEO, I don’t do this at all at the moment. Thanks for a really useful post! #marvmondays