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Setting blog goals for 2017

Setting blog goals for 2017

Like most bloggers, my blog site was born out of a bit of a hobby – slash – dream. I didn’t really have ‘blog goals’.

Over years of thinking about it, my background in marketing led me to realise that one of my favourite things was writing and being creative. So the idea of starting my own blog came around frequently.

I started numerous sites about whatever I was into at that time, blogged like an addict (for about a week), and then gave up.

I really must write another blog.

^^ A common thought some 6 months after the last post was published.

When I started this blog site however, I was more determined to make it work.

Newly pregnant, I really wanted to record how it felt to be on that journey. I mostly wanted to create something for my daughter to look back on, if she was ever interested.

I also thought that it would be rather lovely if by chance someone else read one or two of my ramblings and by some kind of miracle, got something useful out of it.

From humble beginnings to help me keep my head in the topsy turvy mess of becoming a ninja parent, my blog has now somewhat grown. I have regular readers, a larger following on Twitter, and I am much better at planning my writing in.

Towards the end of 2016, I met some inspirational people at the Blogfest conference and had some great feedback from followers, so I decided to buckle down and make it my aim to get more serious.


So albeit it a little late into the month (oops), I’ve been getting my shit together and making plans for 2017.

And what better way of applying a bit of pressure, than to put my blog goals in black and white for all to see?

My blog goals

  • Write a planner to keep my posts on point and regular, so that my blog is not just one big hot mess
  • Batch write posts – aiming for at least 2 per week
  • Take photography in batches, and work up imagery in one go
  • Plan brands to work with – aim for at least 6 per year, but ideally 1 per month
  • Collaborate with at least 5 bloggers by the end of the year
  • Start an Instagram community
  • Aim for 5k Twitter followers but the end of 2016

Wish me luck…

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Wow … 5k Twitter followers! I’ve just hit 500 and I’m ecstatic. @momof2lgs
Best of luck!


It’s good to be organised, I’m currently looking at a more orderly approach but it’s just in the embryonic stage atm. Good luck achieving your targets.


Ooooh good luck with your goals. #GlobalBlogging

One Messy Mama

Blogging sure is a yo-yo experience! Wishing you every bit of success! Can’t wait to read all about it! Thank you for sharing #globalblogging