Why it takes me six months to read books

As a child, I read books a lot.

I always had my head in a Roald Dahl or Dick King Smith book.

Even to the day, I visualise ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ when I devise dinner from whatever is in my fridge.

So there was actually a time that I could finish a book in less than 6 months.

Some time in 2013 BC (Before Child).

There was also a time that my OVERTIRED snot-filled peanut could take in more than what my Mum calls a ‘pink book’.

Pink Book: Literature where the front cover features a city sky line or beach, a lady with a suitcase or umbrella, and a title in a pink swirly font.

Having said that, I did read a lot of that chick lit tripe Before Child.

But I did also read books of more high-brow subject matter to balance it out.

Why I only read 2 books on average per year these days:

1. When it comes to my reading habit nowadays, I’m lucky if I can read two books cover to cover in a year. Obviously, that does not include the twice nightly ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ or multiple daily reads of ‘That’s not my kitten’.

That’s not my kitten… It’s pages are too REPETITIVE.

read books with your child

Yep, we’ve had this one for a long time…

2. My eyes just won’t stay open by the time I have made dinner, finished work off, checked Twitter for the umpteenth time, tidied the toys away and watched TOWIE on catch up.

That said, last year was a high point for me. I managed to read all of the McFly Autobiography in a week whilst on holiday.

There. I said it. McFly. I was aged 33.

So for now, I will continue to read my 2 pages per night of this bad boy, and ignore the unread books gathering dust on my bedside cabinet.

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An imperfect mum (Catie)

It was on my summer bucket list to read 3 books this summer. I have read one, two week to go and just over a week left. It’s going to be a close call. My reading material is mostly low brow but I don’t mind as like you I am often too tired to read anything that requires too much thought. Kids change everything! Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉

Rhian Harris

That’s some challenge! Maybe more early nights and less social media… Like we ever stick to that!

Squirmy Popple

I know how you feel – I used to read a book a week, and now (post-baby) it takes me months to get through anything because I fall asleep five minutes after opening a book at night. I miss those days when I could get lost in a book for hours…#stayclassymama

Lydia C. Lee

I read 5 books on a 2 week holiday, and 300 pages of the 6th. Since we’ve been back (in April), I’ve read 100 pages more…that’s it. So I hear ya!! #Stayclassymama

Lisa Savage

I’m not sure I’ve read a full book in four years! I just don’t seem to be able to manage it anymore. I keep getting them from the library and managing a few pages and STILL having to pay late fees. Gah! One day! #picknmix


Oh tell me about it! I used to be a right book work pre-kids. Now I have the concentration span of a gnat! *sigh* I am lucky if I manage one book a year! #thelist

Kate Fever

I am the opposite – I read SO many books! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested


Eugh. I hear you!
I have to go for easy reads – thrillers etc – to be able to get into them quickly or i would never read anything. I manage to read some when i get stroppy with my hubby every few weeks, dump baby on him for a few hours and go hide in the bath with said book! This only currently works as baby is too small to come and find and disturb me. Once he is a toddler I have no chance!


I love reading, I just wish I have more time to actually pick up a book. I have so many books on my Kindle that I want to read and a couple of half started ones that I want to go back to. #theList x

Emma (Upside Mum)

Ha, I know this feeling. I love to read but getting the time or peace in our house is impossible! #picknmix


I know exactly how you feel. I really misreading. It doesn’t help that Ava is in the same room as us so I can’t go up and put lights on the read in bed! Thanks for linking to #picknmix


Oh my god I’m the same – BC I could read a book in a few days – I obsessively read, it was my favourite thing to do since I was a child. Now, I just don’t have the time – I reckon I’ve read about five books in three years and I always start falling asleep after a few pages! #stayclassymama

I read to my children! I did away with reading their own books at bedtime some time ago (don’t get me wrong I still read their books before bed – 1 each, but I then finish with my own). Their books just don’t make them sleepy – they know most off by heart and insist on excitedly helping you to read it, and the pictures don’t help, so one night I decided to just get my book out and read a chapter, and I have stuck with it ever since! It is still slow going but it works, and if… Read more »

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