Small victories in a world of uncertainty

Small victories in a world of uncertainty

I’m tired. Like really bloody tired.

Yesterday, I was sick and bloody tired of people banging on about their politic stance. Of people forcing it upon others whether they like it or not (mainly Twitter’s fault).

Last night, I was tired from staying up to watch the news that perhaps life wasn’t going to be quite as certain as we’d first thought.

This morning, I am tired from waking up at 2.50am and making the mistake of checking the lastest election results as they rolled in.
I got a bit addicted with each announcement, and I’m still watching.

The result is pretty much done now; the UK will end up in a hung parliament.

And the pound has dropped through the floor. 

Well done, people. Well done.

I make no attempt to hide the fact that I didn’t vote for the contenders. I voted blue. It doesn’t mean that I like all of their policies. I just didn’t think that the other options were realistic or feasible.  Not without breaking the economy again.

That said, the nation has spoken. I’m not going to stamp my feet and throw insults around. We’ll just have see what happens. 

In a world where we now have no idea what will happen with Brexit or our leadership, there’s always one thing I can reply on… My toddler will wake up early. 

So here we are, sat up in bed together. 

I’m being terribly British and drinking tea. She is being predictably ‘toddlish’ and chugging her milk away. 

The dog is chasing the cat.

Life as we know it might be a bit up for grabs from today onwards, but for now, I’m declaring it a Saturday in our house and enjoying a cuddle.

Sometimes it’s good to be the one in charge (at least of the household anyway).

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Mama Grace

It’s all unknown but we have a spilt country in terms of Brexit and leadership. Leaders need to deal with it (I believe this is by listening and letting this inform, not by asking us to vote.) The policies and deals need to be looked at to bring us together and make a country that is socially and financially strong. #BlogCrush

Angela Watling (Life, Motherhood and Everything)

Today has definitely been a strange day. I have been feeling shattered although I didn’t wake up and watch the results. I am just fatigued by everything that has happened in the country / world over the last 12 months. I hope that things really are stable for what is to come. We don’t need yet more uncertainty! Hope you made it through the day xx #BlogCrush

Amy @ Arty apple

We had the TV on all night too – one eye open every now and again to check the results. Zzzzzz

Lucy At Home

Oh I was so fed up of people belittling other people’s points of view. It’s fine to disagree but patronising people or making personal attacks on them about their intelligence or naivity is just not fair. I think declaring it a Saturday was a good move! #blogcrush

Lisa Pomerantz

You are describing me, only my kids are a bit older and the politics here are the chaos of the US. We should probably play words with friends or something while we are not sleeping! #blogcrush xoxo


I hear you love. I’m knackered too. Not been myself lately at all. And I’m stick to the back teeth of politics. I’m sick to the back teeth of the back biting and the divisiveness in this country. #stayclassymama

Sarah - Mud Cakes and Wine
Sarah - Mud Cakes and Wine

I so know how you feel. I made the same mistake huffed and managed to fall back asleep though #stayclassymama

The Mum Project

Really disappointed with the outcome of it all. I had hope and now it’s a bit meh. I hope you’re less tired this week and the little one is giving you an easier time : ). Thanks so much for sharing with #StayClassyMama!