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Spending World Book Day with ‘Room to Grow’

Spending World Book Day with ‘Room to Grow’

Even if your child isn’t yet old enough to celebrate World Book Day, you’ll probably still have heard about it.

In fact, you won’t find many parents who haven’t heard of (or dreaded) it.

The day itself is nothing to be alarmed about. Quite the opposite in fact.

It’s a brilliant day. Children all around the globe celebrate their favourite stories, and more so, their most-loved book characters.

The part parents dread, is that they’ve forgotten it.

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare. Finding the letter telling them that their children should have a costume in the bag the night before.

But as we live in a society where it’s all iPads, apps and not a lot of fresh air, it really is a day to get behind.

In case you don’t already know, World Book Day is this Thursday 1st March 2018.

How we are spending World Book Day

My daughter does attend preschool but so far, I’ve not found any letters telling me that she needs an outfit for Wednesday.

Lady P loves her books. Like most 3 year olds, she’s figured out that asking for another story at bedtime will buy her some more time.

So even though we have no obligation, we are still marking the occasion this year with a brand new book and a pile of goodies.

Our bundle from Room to Grow

We were lucky enough to be gifted an over-spilling bundle of goodies from Room to Grow.

Just perfect for a bit of quiet time on a snowy afternoon.

world book day bundle

Included in the bundle was a cosy snuggle blanket, Space torch projector and (in Generation Game style) a cuddly toy!

There was also a spray bottle, wrapped up as ‘Go Away Monster Spray’.

So as the snow kept trying to come down, we wrapped ourselves up and snuggled down for story time.

toddler cuddles

The gifts were very well received by my 3 year old.

She particularly enjoyed cuddling up with the soft toy and book, Mr Underbed by Chris Riddell.

It sounds like it could put her off going to bed for the rest of her life, but actually it’s a really sweet story. She loved the funny names, and picking which monsters were her favourites (the pink ones obviously).

In a nutshell, it’s about a little boy called Jim. He discovers that a friendly monster sleeps under his bed each night. When Jim allows this monster, Mr Underbed to sleep in his bed he is unprepared for the other night-time visitors in his room!

A very sweet story with lovely illustrations for all ages to enjoy together.

The Snuggle Sac blanket is actually my favourite item we were sent. The grey and white stars fit perfectly with the colour scheme I’ve picked for our new baby, and I can’t wait to see the two of them cuddled up together in it.

A great first World Book Day for us!

Please note, we were sent the product free of charge from Room to Grow but not in exchange for a positive endorsement. The opinions in this blog are based on my own experiences and in no way linked to those of the product.

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Helen - cooking with my kids

I like world book day, i’m sure, in part because we’ve had to worry about last minute costumes. We’re still hiding from the snow so have been celebrating just by reading some of our old favourites!

Carly Crawford

That sounds like a lovely story. And who doesn’t love snuggly blankets!


My little one is at preschool as well and they don’t seem to celebrate it / ask her to dress up, I think it’s a great day and have been watching this year for ideas! Love the bits you were sent, especially the cuddly toy. Thanks for linking this to #thursdayteam