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Parents know that phones are no longer devices to make calls on.

They prevent meltdowns in queues. They play the Frozen soundtrack on demand.

They are full of literally thousands of photos of our kids reaching a new milestone or sharing a cute moment.

Do they just stay on your phones or social media?

How about some new and different ways to create photo keepsakes of family moments?

I’ve put together just a handful of ideas that should get your creative juices flowing.

Changeable wall art

I came across this idea on Pinterest recently. A really simple yet pretty way to add personality to a plain wall. We’re nearing the end of a renovation too, so I have a lot of those at the moment…

Instead of going for a framed photo collage, tie some colourful string or fairy lights across a section of wall. Then use little clips or pegs to add a photograph. You can change them far more easily than you can with a frame, without having to undo the back section to swap the images.

Just make sure you stock up on good quality photo card paper and ink so that you don’t have to keep ordering prints – I recent bought Samsung toner from cartridgepeople.com for my photo printer.

I love this photo wall display using fairy lights.

Themed scrapbooks

Speaking of printing hundreds of photographs, take them out of that shoebox and make a scrapbook.

This is a great family activity where you can get the children involved, and you can have a different theme for any major event in your lives.

It could be a beach theme from an awesome holiday together, or a back to school design if it’s your little one’s first year at school.

There are dozens of ideas, and you can find a few of them for inspiration right here.

Locket photos

locketIf you’d like something on the smaller side that you can carry with you everywhere, how about turning your favourite photograph into a beautiful piece of jewellery?

Carrying the image of a loved one around your neck is a classic idea, but these days you don’t just have to wear them on a necklace. How about opting for a cool locket charm instead in a different shape?

Plus, if your children would like to do the same, there are plenty of children’s charm bracelets these days so that they can copy mummy.


Edible images

If you’re looking for a photo keepsake gift, the edible version will usually go down a storm.

Not only can you get whole birthday cakes with images scanned onto the icing these days, but for something a little different and a treat that will last longer, companies like Boomf will take a selection of photographs you send them and print them onto marshmallows – the perfect birthday gift.

Novelty items

Let’s not forget the classic novelty items like a t-shirt, keyring or mug with photos printed on them, but how about going one step further? Have a photo from a recent skiing holiday set into a snow globe for next Christmas, or how about a personalised mouse mat?

personalised mousemat

One of my husband’s Christmas presents from Lady P!

What’s your favourite photo keepsake?

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Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post in conjunction with Cartridge People. The opinions are however based on my own experiences.

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Harriet - Coffee & Bubbles

Some great ideas. I love the fairy lights one and I’m feeling inspired to print pics off for an album. It has been years since I’ve printed off any number of photos so it’s high time. #globalblogging

five little doves

I love the locket photos! I used to have a locket and really struggled to find photos to fit inside of it, its so lovely to carry someone close like that though! #stayclassymama

Sarah Admissions of a Working Mother

I love the edible images one! Such a sweet idea. I love photos, we always have a lot about in the house – some very old but mostly new ones #stayclassymama

One Messy Mama

Those edible photo’s are adorable, and who doesn’t love a photo in a locket! Thanks for sharing #globalblogging