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Spring time gardening ideas

Spring time gardening ideas

The first signs of spring are popping up all over our village and it’s got me thinking about my garden.

Our garden is a bit of a mess really.

We’ve lived in our house for 18 months but in that time have been renovating and extending.

So the garden has always been further down the list of priorities.

With the house almost* finished though, it’s time to turn our attention to the outdoor space.

In particular, I want to create a space for my daughter to enjoy our garden this summer.

*It’s not almost finished, but I have to at least think positively or I’d be crying 24/7.

Attacking the garden

Over the August bank holiday, we did a massive rip out of everything that looked a bit dead.

My approach is to clear an area completely. My husband takes a ‘hack away at everything and then set fire to it’ style.

We are clearly natural gardeners.

We both got stung to the heavens by mutant nettles, and ripped to bits by overgrown rose thorns.


Whilst we were busy tackling it, under an abundance of weeds, we did discovered some lovely sunny spots to create some new garden features.

And now that spring is springing, I guess the time to plan it is now.

I think this time we will make sure we are dressed appropriately though, especially the little one. This range of children’s safety wear looks just the thing to make sure she’s well covered, and is also really cute. In fact, the Engelbert Strauss looks like they could keep our whole family safe whilst undertaking more garden clearance!

Gardening ideas

Last year, we grew sunflowers and Lady P really enjoyed watching them grow.

After far too many trips to Homebase over the last 18 months, she told me that this year she’d like to grow carrots, sweetcorn and peas.

Ambitious, seeing as I can’t even keep an orchid alive.

So what are the ideas?

Here are a few things on my wish list off my gardening Pinterest board:

Raised beds. Our garden is quite sunny, and at the rear is the perfect place to place some raised beds for her veggies to grow.

A fairy garden. Quite an easy one that will be easy to add to the new decked area, and that will keep my girly girl busy for hours.

An outdoor chalkboard. We won’t have a patio as we’re planning to install decking instead, so outdoor chalk won’t really work. The idea of an outdoor chalkboard on the side of the house seems like a great idea for all of that outdoor creativity though.

Sand and water play. We’ve always had a cheap water table that Lady P has loved playing with. It’s totally manky now though, so it needs upgrading.

Outdoor toys. Swings, slides and playhouses are what childhood is all about, right? I love this wooden multi playhouse from Argos. It seems like a total bargain.

What will be springing up in your garden this year?

This post is sponsored by Engelbert Strauss. Opinions are my own.

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Lydia C. Lee

Wow. So many great ideas…I have to say we don’t do much! #Stayclassymama


My husband has the exact same hacking approach to gardening! We are moving next month which means I will have a new garden to sort. I only ever put plants in pots as I like how adaptable it makes the garden but I always love to plant lavender.
Thank you for linking to #ThursdayTeam

Megri UK

Thrilled ideas, will really be looking forward to implementing them soon. I must say a great guide for every home gardener.