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Sun safety: Is it safe to cover a baby’s pram?

Believe it or not, we might actually get some sun this weekend. A bank holiday… Shock!

I know it might not have felt like it so far this year, but with each glimpse of sunshine, I can’t help but think that summer really is just around the corner.

And having spent most of the winter indoors, knackered and pregnant, I for one, cannot wait to get out and about again.

Here comes the sun

The day we brought our new baby boy home was the middle of the mini heatwave. It only lasted about 3 days, and for 2 of those, I was stuck on a ward, but nonetheless, it happened.

The sunny weather came with pros and cons though.

It meant that the labour ward was about 3 million °C. On the flip side though, it was the most glorious sunny day to start our life as a family of four.

It also meant that as soon as the weather did change back to ‘normal’, we had no warm weather clothing for him because the shops had already introduced their new season.

But one thing we were sorted for was a sun cover for the pram.

So with some confusion about babies overheating vs sun protection in the press, is it safe to cover a baby’s pram in the heat?

The short answer is, yes it can be.

Covering a baby’s pram – Sun safety

The confusion originates from stories of covering prams in the heat and creating an even hotter environment. The alternative of not adding a layer of shade to your baby’s pram though, is to leave them uncovered and therefore at risk of sunburn.

So having spent some time looking into sun safety for my new baby, with the help of SnoozeShade, I thought I’d try to cast some clarity on why you need to protect your baby from the heat.

Babies don’t have enough melanin in their skin, and therefore can easily burn in seconds. For this reason, it’s imperative that all children under 6 months old are completely kept out of direct sunlight.

Protecting a baby from the sun

What are your options when in sunnier climes?

1. Seek shade. Move your child indoors, or take a break at a restaurant or cafe to keep them out of the sun.

2. Cover the pram in a proper sun shade if available. If not, use a muslin or lightweight blanket loosely attached over the pram and handles to block harmful UV rays. The SnoozeShade is an award winning sun shade, and was absolutely invaluable when I had my daughter. As well as keeping her safe in the sun, it meant that naps weren’t disrupted by bright light either.

3. Never just risk it, leaving your pram in direct sunshine.

4. Always apply a child-safe sun lotion to your baby’s skin, even if they stay in the pram. Go for a high SPF as you can find.

So if you’re planning a day out or escape to the sun, take these steps to get your sun safety sorted.

Please note, we were sent the product free of charge from SnoozeShade but not in exchange for a positive endorsement. The opinions in this blog are based on my own experiences and in no way linked to those of the product.

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